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It's more of a city stroller

  • Looks good and firm, lots of space for baby in canopy and sitting chair, nice to touch handle, big inflatable wheels...
  • It's big for a baby stroller but fits in an elevator, the retractable handle is helpful
  • Wheels can be detached, saving space, wheelbase can be folded and unfolded very easily
  • But you can't take off the canopy or chair with one hand
  • The biggest drawback for me is that it shakes like crazy on the woods trail, each small stone, pinecone; a little branch is a challenge for this stroller
  • Front wheels do not have suspension and are wobbling around; the rear wheels' suspension is very tough and is not helping

It could be a nice stroller. Bought 2in1 (wheels with canopy and chair). Was in the woods, sand beach, but honestly, it's not an all-terrain stroller, it's more of a city stroller, enjoyable on good paths and not on rough surfaces.

  • fantastic to push
  • tackles difficult terrain
  • easy to fold and unfold
  • bassinet is small

I think it's an excellent stroller and I am so happy with it. We are already using it for our second, and it is still working as it should 🙂

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