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All user reviews of X-Lander X-Move

14 parent reviews
  • The whole stroller has lots of reflective elements and has LED lighting
  • The handle can be positioned
  • Long bassinet, possibility of ventilation after unzipping
  • The bassiner has 2 pockets for small things
  • Positioning option in the bassinet
  • The seat can also be turned around in reverse, which is great when it's windy
  • Leg and back positioning
  • Stroller folds easily

We had a 2 in 1 system. Excellent stroller even for more difficult terrain. Lots of little extras.

I was extremely impressed with this stroller, whether it was the size, the quick folding or the all-terrain chassis. We are an active family, but my little boy hates this type of stroller and won't stay in it. All terrain strollers are hard, not well cushioned and so they "rattle" at every bump, which I can't fault them for because with this type of stroller it is necessary. Unfortunately for us it is unsuitable and I have to look around for classic sprung strollers that rock nicely :-)

  • compact
  • quickly folded
  • the stroller can be folded with the wheels in one piece
  • easy to handle
  • a good choice for off-road use
  • small carrycot for the baby

We were satisfied (2015 version). The only complaint is the size of the carrycot. What I've been looking at is that the 2018 version offers great accessories to buy.

Freat for the terrain

  • Handles terrain well
  • Spacious basket
  • Non-inclinable bassinet
  • Small bassinet - for a winter baby

The stroller is great for the terrain. The basket has a higher load capacity than stated. I've carried 5kg of washing powder in it and it's fine.

  • Reversible seat
  • Reflective elements
  • Hood that opens up a lot
  • No rocking
  • The bumper bar bends

It bothered me that it didn't rock... But the qualities that the manufacturer boasts of are excellent.

  • It lasted us 3 kids and didn't break - and we gave it a hard time :)
  • Compared to other strollers, it seems to me that it is harder to push - as if it had worse bearings

The stroller was expensive, and adequately to the price it could handle 3 children. It was overloaded and did not break. I feel that the design is fantastic for the seat part, but not sufficiently cushioned for the carrycot. While the baby was light (newborn), I feel that the stroller shook him too much. I recommend it only for the seat setup. I would choose the carrycot/pram style now a bit more cushioned.


  • Wheels
  • Cot size
  • Easy handling
  • Stroller folding

Perfect, great satisfaction. Solid chassis, inflatable wheels, large, goes everywhere 😊

Overall a great stroller

  • Big wheels make even the toughest terrain rideable
  • Full lie flat for the baby
  • I can put the baby towards me and towards the street
  • Insect net directly built into the seat
  • A little heavier and bigger
  • Harder suspension, baby can't be rocked
  • Started to squeak
  • Too bad we had to have adapters for the car seat
  • The handle peeled off - with the second child

For me overall a great stroller. I use the seat part most often, but it has also been fully utilized with the cot or the car seat.

It has everything we need

  • None

Satisfaction to the maximum. It is comfortable and handy. It has everything we need.

It's terrible on a dirt road

  • ventilation in the bassinet
  • swivel front wheels
  • handling on smooth roads
  • foldability
  • appearance (grey)
  • large wheels
  • no suspension, so impossible to take off road with a small baby

From the moment I found out we were expecting, I started looking for the perfect stroller and spent my entire pregnancy doing so. The X-Lander X-Move seemed to be THE ONE. Beautiful, 3in1 set, big wheels, all-terrain, great reviews (I give a lot of those)... Unfortunately, it's not really off-road. The baby jumps right up in it, wakes up and cries. It's terrible on a dirt road. I expected more from a stroller for that price. However, for the city, for walks in the countryside, great. We'll just have to get a real all-terrain vehicle. (like the Thule Urban Glide).

It's more of a city stroller

  • Looks good and firm, lots of space for baby in canopy and sitting chair, nice to touch handle, big inflatable wheels...
  • It's big for a baby stroller but fits in an elevator, the retractable handle is helpful
  • Wheels can be detached, saving space, wheelbase can be folded and unfolded very easily
  • But you can't take off the canopy or chair with one hand
  • The biggest drawback for me is that it shakes like crazy on the woods trail, each small stone, pinecone; a little branch is a challenge for this stroller
  • Front wheels do not have suspension and are wobbling around; the rear wheels' suspension is very tough and is not helping

It could be a nice stroller. Bought 2in1 (wheels with canopy and chair). Was in the woods, sand beach, but honestly, it's not an all-terrain stroller, it's more of a city stroller, enjoyable on good paths and not on rough surfaces.

Sturdy frame, large wheels


Sturdy frame, large wheels, practical folding/unfolding.

  • Looks
  • Sturdiness
  • Spaciousness
  • Large wheels go over anything, but the child's comfort is questionable
  • Basket (takes up a lot of stuff)
  • Reversible seat unit
  • Shakes the kid
  • No rocking
  • Color fades
  • The cup holder broke away, as the fold lock did
  • The basket is too close to the front wheels
  • All is sold separately (raincoat for the seat, changing bag, etc.)

We had the X-Move 2017 version. Its frame is hard, with no soft suspension. That is the biggest con in my opinion. The wheels are inflatable but hard as well. I guess it's good as they don't et many punctures. But when you go over gravel or cobblestones, the child is thrown around in the seat, and it's crying because of that. So we only went over smooth roads at first. Still, my daughter cried in it for the first 3 months.

The bassinet could be deeper. I couldn't zip-close its apron when I put the footmuff inside and I added a blanket as it was cold.

I liked the seat unit. It is spacious. The 2017 edition has a canopy with a zipper that opens a mesh part, so the sun goes in even when the child is napping. It can be solved by covering that.

We stroll on any surfaces now, meadows, dirt roads, mud, snow, but it's not too comfy for the child. When my daughter was a baby, she minded that a lot, she was afraid and cried. Now she's bigger it makes her sleep, but I feel sorry for her seeing as it shakes her all the time.

  • fantastic to push
  • tackles difficult terrain
  • easy to fold and unfold
  • bassinet is small

I think it's an excellent stroller and I am so happy with it. We are already using it for our second, and it is still working as it should 🙂

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