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hani2000 says:
"It's terrible on a dirt road"
and gives the X-Lander X-Move

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It's terrible on a dirt road

  • ventilation in the bassinet
  • swivel front wheels
  • handling on smooth roads
  • foldability
  • appearance (grey)
  • large wheels
  • no suspension, so impossible to take off road with a small baby

From the moment I found out we were expecting, I started looking for the perfect stroller and spent my entire pregnancy doing so. The X-Lander X-Move seemed to be THE ONE. Beautiful, 3in1 set, big wheels, all-terrain, great reviews (I give a lot of those)... Unfortunately, it's not really off-road. The baby jumps right up in it, wakes up and cries. It's terrible on a dirt road. I expected more from a stroller for that price. However, for the city, for walks in the countryside, great. We'll just have to get a real all-terrain vehicle. (like the Thule Urban Glide).

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