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  • Large hood
  • Multiple colorways to choose from
  • Carrycot option
  • No suspension
  • The basket gets scratched easily

This was my first pushchair. I was looking for something lightweight and compact, that's why I choose Valco. The weight - with inflatable wheels - was more than 9 kg, though, even though everywhere claims 7+ kg. The basket scratches with every getting up a curb - even when the wheels are bigger in size.

  • Weight maximum
  • Big canopy
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Basket accessibility is not the best

I bought it after a recommendation. All in all, I am thrilled about it. But if I look at the tiny details, I would expect a better backrest recline system for that money. Something sturdier than such a strap - I had a similar strap on a very cheap buggy once. On a pushchair for half this price, I had a lever recline, which I found better. Other than that, this pushchair is very recommendable, and the Tailormade version is beautiful.

This stroller meets almost all of my requirements. Thanks to the inflatable wheels, it passed through any terrain we needed it to - all the while being lightweight and compact. I did mind the rear part of the seat, however, because it only closed with a few velcros, meaning not very protective in winter or when it's windy. It is, of course, possible to DIY a solution for this.

The stroller is very spacious and comfortable for the little one. No suspension was not a problem since we had inflatable tires - they made the driving a pleasant experience. A big disadvantage is the foam on the handlebar and bumper bar, but it can be solved with some sold-separately (or handmade) covers. Overall we were satisfied and can recommend it :-)

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