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All user reviews of Tako Acoustic

25 parent reviews

I would only choose this one again

  • Spacious carrycot
  • The wheels can go over anything
  • High weight
  • Doesn't fit all car boots

Excellent pram, I would only choose this one again.

Nice for the undemanding parents

  • Large inflatable wheels
  • Large carrycot and seat
  • Tall, suitable even for taller parents
  • Leather parts that tend to get dirty are super easy to clean
  • The wheels still need to be raised when turning
  • Defects
  • Large even when folded, unsuitable for frequent car travel

It is a nice stroller for the undemanding parents, those who want to ride with the stroller around the house, and not to travel by car too much.

  • traverses any terrain
  • the suspension makes the ride comfortable for the child
  • large deep bassinet (my son was in it until 9 months)
  • the seat has several positions (from sitting upright to lying down)
  • the handle of the stroller can also be positioned in different ways
  • the stroller takes up more space when folded (we don't have a station wagon, so the stroller takes up the whole trunk)
  • since it doesn't have swivel wheels, it doesn't turn by itself (which I personally don't mind)

In the village - for really harsh terrain, or in the winter in the snow, it is the best stroller. It's a tank and goes through everything without any problems.

  • Spacious
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to fold

A pram that can go everywhere and withstands everything.

Large spacious carrycot and seat as well, no problem even on the stairs. Possibility to attach a skate - buggy board for an older sibling. The only thing that went wrong for us after 2 kids is the harness buckle, which is cool to buy at a haberdashery. For me maximum satisfaction :)

A dream pram

  • Spacious
  • Comfortable
  • Quickly foldable
  • Stylish
  • Not suitable for a small car boot 🤣

Absolutely amazing, a dream pram. Big inflatable wheels, spacious. Top!

I think it's a great choice. We have eco leatherette on it, perfect for cleaning. The stroller still shines if I give it a soap water scrub and polish the leather with care products.

The only stupid thing, the changing bag in eco leather doesn't have a sliding long strap, but I recognize that with leatherette there would be a risk of abrasion.

The stroller is a bit heavy and bulky to store, but for our daughter, who is quite a piece, it's perfect and comfortable ☺

Perfect for the countryside

  • suspension
  • large wheels
  • spacious bassinet and seat for a big baby
  • plenty of accessories
  • when the paint has chipped somewhere, it rusts slightly
  • we had to weld 2 axles on a wheel - but we go over fields, meadows, forests, groves... so really difficult terrain

I wouldn't want another stroller. No bad wheels, nothing. Perfect for the countryside. It can handle rocky roads, deep snow, and a path through the woods. It folds well into the car.

It's sturdy, although quite heavy


First of all - I can't give it a great rating, even though I really would like to :) Because I haven't had another stroller to compare it to personally. BUT. What I can say is that it's great compared to the others just because it has big, inflatable wheels and great suspension. I just smile when I meet a mom who carries her baby in a stroller with plastic wheels that wobble from side to side like crazy, and rattle loudly enough that the baby probably doesn't even get a chance to sleep through the noise. This is not a threat with the Tako stroller :) Neither I nor the baby will notice a hole or a pothole, thanks to the wheels and the suspension.

It's sturdy, although quite heavy (15kg without the bassinet). It has a modern look and handles really well. Personally, I can fit my baby in the car seat at six months old, but that will probably have something to do with the fact that I'm a little person and my husband isn't exactly the kind of person I need to have heels to give him a kiss either :)

When it's cold, a big winter footmuff fits in the bassinet just fine, and there's still a fair bit of room. I haven't tried the seat unit yet - the little one doesn't sit yet, hopefully that will come soon.

The changing bag is spacious enough for everything - nappies, wet wipes, cream, a few cloth nappies, there's room for a bottle or two (tea or tea + milk). And there's plenty of room for a few little things for mommy too :)

The bottom storage bag isn't very roomy - you can fit an car seat cover, a stroller rain cover and an car seat adapter reducer, or you can pull it all out and stack groceries in - but you can't cram more than half a loaf of bread, five buns, a bottle of milk and butter in there. I carry a thermos of hot water, a cold water bottle, a bottle and a formula box. The cool thing is that it can be unzipped and thrown on your back like a real backpack :)

Oh, and lastly, the stroller comes with a sun parasol, but for me it's more of a pea-sized thing, especially the attachment for the stroller handle. But when the wind is not blowing, it serves its purpose too :)

  • excellent for off-road and snow
  • spacious bassinet
  • lots of accessories at an affordable price
  • difficult handling
  • high weight (not suitable for smaller mothers)
  • poor quality car seat
  • the colour of the stroller soon becomes lighter (fades)

I wanted a stroller with four solid wheels and for off-road use and have been very happy with this stroller. Since I live in the city and we go to the village every weekend, the Tako Acoustic has only proved positive on the village dirt roads. In town, it was heavy to manoeuvre in smaller shops (bakery, butchers, chemists, etc), and I gradually found that I was not happy with my weight (54kg) and the weight of the pushchair (18kg + baby). I had the burgundy colour and after 3 months of use, the fading from the sun was noticeable.

Not to mention the poor quality car seat, which was very striking when compared to quality car seats. Unfortunately, I didn't start following the car seat tests until after my daughter was born. This car seat breaks when it hits the car, crushes, while a quality car seat stays whole. Until now, I am horrified that I have carried my daughter in this Tako Acoustic car seat in the car. That's why I sold the stroller and bought a stroller with front swivel wheels, which I used to strongly condemn, and paid extra for a higher quality car seat with certifications.

I was happy with this pram. Spacious bassinet, big inflatable wheels thanks to which it gets everywhere - had no problem with any terrain.

Another advantage is that it rocks - both children loved to ride in it. There is also a disadvantage - they got so used to the rocking that when the stroller stopped, they were immediately up.

On the other hand, the weight, the dimensions are also a disadvantage. It is terribly heavy. By the time I folded it up and put it in the car, I was completely sweaty 😆 It doesn't fit in the trunk, or if it does, it's too big to fit and takes up the whole trunk... But if you don't need to carry the stroller in the car, you don't travel a lot, I recommend the stroller. For village hills and bad roads it is perfect.

I would never want another pram


I used it with my daughter in the cot until she was 11 months old - plenty of room. I would never want another pram.

The best stroller for a baby

  • Perfectly cushioned, the child did not even notice the ride on cobblestones
  • Seat can be put in both forward and reverse directions
  • Handled even the toughest terrain
  • Large bassinet as well as seat unit
  • Positions well, easy
  • Ventilation on the bassinet
  • Adjustable handle
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Stroller still looks new after 3 kids
  • The iron basket can carry everything
  • Predni kola jsou napevno, ale to je o zvyku

The best stroller for a baby. I would buy it again.

  • Deep and large bassinet
  • Large wheels (perfect in winter when there is snow)
  • Great stability
  • Tall chassis
  • None

A perfect stroller, which I wouldn't change (my second child also enjoys it). The inflatable wheels are excellent. The stroller is large, my son rode in it for 10 months (he didn't want to sit in the seat though). The seat is also without fault, beautifully spacious. I can not fault anything, for me an absolute satisfaction.

When choosing a stroller we were quite limited by my main requirement - 4 equally sized wheels (classic chassis). We came across this stroller by chance, but the choice was clear.

  • Big wheels
  • Can handle any terrain
  • Has suspension - rocks nicely
  • Large, spacious deep seat
  • With the addition of adaptors, a car seat can be attached
  • Too large for a bus

An amazing pram for us. Great bassinet and absolutely great chassis that can handle all terrain. We're not afraid to take it on forest roads, it can handle any obstacle. Where other strollers would get stuck or tip over, this one just pushes through :) It rocks beautifully.

Very disappointed with the stroller

  • Spacious
  • Sturdy chassis
  • Easily washable cover
  • Appearance
  • Poor quality plastic components
  • Very bulky
  • Squeaky
  • Badly fitted brake

I was very disappointed with the stroller, the plastic canopy holders did not last when used with my second child (first child used for only half a year). Also covers on the wheels on the sides. The stroller creaked a lot at the joints between the plastic in the frame. It is very bulky. Soon, the colours faded from the sun. Poor brakes.

However, one of the few really roomy strollers and comfortable even for a larger baby in the winter. Handles well in the snow, off-road.

Great pram for terrain

  • Rocking, therefore the child falls asleep quickly
  • Ideal for off-road use due to the sturdy and large wheels
  • It started to squeak
  • Velcro on the bassinet cover wears out quickly
  • Cannot position the bassinet backrest

A great pram for terrain, the little one falls asleep quickly and for a long time thanks to the springs and rocking.

  • Rocking
  • Good for off road
  • ROomy
  • No fading of the colours
  • Metal basket
  • Two bags, parasol and rain cover included with the pram
  • Beautiful price for a 2 in 1 travel system
  • Heavy
  • Bulky
  • Wears out quickly - it squeaks
  • Too soon the snaps on the footrest fell off
  • Inflatable wheels - I often have to deflate
  • Handle "clacks", it is noisy
  • Bad braking - you have to step on the brake and then move the stroller forward a few centimetres to get the brake into the teeth

I've been using it for two years. The carrycot is spacious. I carried my little one in it for almost a year. The pushchair is also spacious and my little one sleeps in it after lunch even now. But the stroller is overall tractor-sized - and very bulky. In my car (Skoda Octavia) it takes up the whole trunk. It is also quite heavy. I've dropped a wheel from the chassis a few times (it was hard to put on and therefore harder to get it to hold on, but we probably stuck it in there for good with brute force). The leather handle started to "clack". Soon the snaps on the footrest fell off, so currently the footrest is useless (on the seat). It also soon started to squeak and creak.

But the frame can handle difficult terrain, we live in a village and half a metre of snow, fields, meadows - it handles it all with ease. It also handles well even if not having swivel wheels. It rocks beautifully and my little one always falls asleep in it in no time.

If I were choosing again, I probably wouldn't choose this one the second time around. But the saying applies: "for little money, a lot of music".

  • spacious
  • easy to drive
  • quick and easy folding and unfolding
  • large wheels suitable for off-road
  • just the best
  • so far only a small mistake has been found and that is that you have to pay attention to the plugs, which tend to come off when folding the carriage, but that's not always the case

The best four-wheeled pram we could buy for our little love!

Great for me, just not easy to fold in the car trunk. But I would get the same model again.

  • Roomy
  • Washable
  • Large-wheeled
  • Awesome rocking

Awesome. Spacious and rocking the little one very nicely.

  • Easy handling
  • Traverses the toughest of terrain
  • Rocks beautifully
  • Comfortable for my daughter
  • None

I am extremely happy with the stroller, so I bought two. Best investment.

Amazing. Used for two kids out and still in great condition ❤️

  • Large carrycot that lasts a long time
  • Heavy
  • Too bulky seat unit

Very heavy. We were very satisfied with the carry cot. Large, roomy, lasted a long time, even with a foot muff. The seat is just monstrous, though. Hard to fit on public transport, it's too big for such a ride with an older child.

The wheels seemed good for off-road. But after more than 2 years, I'm scared to ride some worse terrain sometimes. And it should be used with a 2nd child still. We'll see...

Everything met my requirements


Maximum satisfaction... Everything met my requirements.

  • Wheels... I can really go anywhere with it, in any weather
  • Not so much a shortage, but in my opinion the umbrella is unusable... it wobbled terribly; I didn't use it at all

This stroller is just great. I'm glad we decided on the Tako Acoustic. We bought it second hand, without a car seat, but it was still under warranty. I'm keeping it for the second one 😎

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