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klarikikikiki says:
"If I were choosing again, I probably wouldn't choose this one the second time around"
and gives the Tako Acoustic

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  • Rocking
  • Good for off road
  • ROomy
  • No fading of the colours
  • Metal basket
  • Two bags, parasol and rain cover included with the pram
  • Beautiful price for a 2 in 1 travel system
  • Heavy
  • Bulky
  • Wears out quickly - it squeaks
  • Too soon the snaps on the footrest fell off
  • Inflatable wheels - I often have to deflate
  • Handle "clacks", it is noisy
  • Bad braking - you have to step on the brake and then move the stroller forward a few centimetres to get the brake into the teeth

I've been using it for two years. The carrycot is spacious. I carried my little one in it for almost a year. The pushchair is also spacious and my little one sleeps in it after lunch even now. But the stroller is overall tractor-sized - and very bulky. In my car (Skoda Octavia) it takes up the whole trunk. It is also quite heavy. I've dropped a wheel from the chassis a few times (it was hard to put on and therefore harder to get it to hold on, but we probably stuck it in there for good with brute force). The leather handle started to "clack". Soon the snaps on the footrest fell off, so currently the footrest is useless (on the seat). It also soon started to squeak and creak.

But the frame can handle difficult terrain, we live in a village and half a metre of snow, fields, meadows - it handles it all with ease. It also handles well even if not having swivel wheels. It rocks beautifully and my little one always falls asleep in it in no time.

If I were choosing again, I probably wouldn't choose this one the second time around. But the saying applies: "for little money, a lot of music".

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