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jirovapa says:
"I am horrified that I have carried my daughter in this Tako Acoustic car seat in the car"
and gives the Tako Acoustic

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  • excellent for off-road and snow
  • spacious bassinet
  • lots of accessories at an affordable price
  • difficult handling
  • high weight (not suitable for smaller mothers)
  • poor quality car seat
  • the colour of the stroller soon becomes lighter (fades)

I wanted a stroller with four solid wheels and for off-road use and have been very happy with this stroller. Since I live in the city and we go to the village every weekend, the Tako Acoustic has only proved positive on the village dirt roads. In town, it was heavy to manoeuvre in smaller shops (bakery, butchers, chemists, etc), and I gradually found that I was not happy with my weight (54kg) and the weight of the pushchair (18kg + baby). I had the burgundy colour and after 3 months of use, the fading from the sun was noticeable.

Not to mention the poor quality car seat, which was very striking when compared to quality car seats. Unfortunately, I didn't start following the car seat tests until after my daughter was born. This car seat breaks when it hits the car, crushes, while a quality car seat stays whole. Until now, I am horrified that I have carried my daughter in this Tako Acoustic car seat in the car. That's why I sold the stroller and bought a stroller with front swivel wheels, which I used to strongly condemn, and paid extra for a higher quality car seat with certifications.

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