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All user reviews of Stokke Crusi

16 parent reviews
  • Large basket
  • Lightweight
  • Easy handling
  • Folds easily
  • None

We have a 3 in 1 set for the second little one. So far I'm testing the seat with the firstborn and I'm excited 😍

The best stroller in the world

  • Large and compact
  • Easy to push

The best stroller in the world 😊



Excellent stroller. We have also added all-terrain wheels. 😍

I would buy it again

  • very light
  • easy folding/unfolding
  • parts can be purchased individually
  • large storage space
  • the car seat is safe, large and heavy
  • the seat can be put in 3 positions
  • the bassinet has a perfectly designed canopy
  • the bassinet is spacious enough
  • the pram can be used with ease up to 18m
  • high price
  • the chassis is not sprung, so the child feels every bump in the road

I am generally very satisfied with the pram. It is lightweight, foldable. I have a nice red colour which is combined with white dots on the inside (retro :) ) . The tubeless hard wheels don't get a puncture. I rate positively that the pram is solid and can not be rocked. Everything else I have written down in strengths and weaknesses. However, I can definitely say that I would buy it again ;-)

Of all the strollers I've had so far, this one is the best. It's really light for how sturdy it is, it rides beautifully and the deep bassinet is huge.

Folding is a breeze - although it doesn't go one-handed, which I would need a lot of times, but I would take that as a big bonus :) The stroller also has a big basket and the whole thing is easy to wash.

It is sold automatically with a raincoat and mosquito net. It can also be converted to a sibling stroller, but I haven't tried that... I don't have another baby :)

The only thing that bothers me about the stroller and why I'm looking forward to getting another one is that I have a car trunk full of it 😂 And also - my older sons' little hands combined with the creamy inside of the bassinet sometimes drives me crazy 😂 But it's not the stroller's fault.

I'm going to cry when I sell it

  • Everything :-D
  • Covers can be changed
  • Bucket seating
  • Good positioning
  • Controllability
  • Also great for tall people
  • The child can see well because it sits high
  • I appreciate the idea - summer kits, winter kits, style kits
  • Lots of accessories
  • Design
  • Solid stable frame
  • The only drawback I see is that it is big and bulky - you can't put it in a small trunk 😂 But it's easy to get used to 😉

We've had the stroller for a year and a half now and it's the best stroller we've had. We put all terrain wheels on it - this increased the push comfort.

It's roomy, handles great, has a big basket and I like the bucket seat. My little one, when she was sick and couldn't breathe well, slept all night in the stroller with no problem at all. 💓 I'm going to cry when I sell it 😂😢

  • Easy to push
  • Large space for shopping
  • Pram's load capacity up to 25 kg

I highly recommend it. We also use it for 2 little ones and it handles just fine :)

  • The Stokke brand
  • Foam wheels
  • Hard frame, not much suspension

Okay. A good stroller - it was my first so I didn't know what to expect.

Very good, thoughtful details. Beautiful design, which is paramount for me.

  • Easy to steer
  • Stackable in the car
  • Shopping basket large enough
  • No problem with wheels
  • Easy maintenance
  • Covers could be washed
  • Lots of accessories
  • None

For me a top of the line stroller. My husband himself praised it - despite the price. We also had an Xplory V3, but the Crusi was perfect.

One of the heavier, bulkier ones

  • Various kits
  • For terrain
  • Large seating
  • Newborn insert
  • Extended canopy
  • Harder to control
  • Open storage space
  • Belly bar must be detached in its entirety

It's one of the heavier, bulkier ones. You can buy accessories, different kits - and you have a brand new stroller.

If I could, I would choose it again :)


For me definitely the top of the line of strollers. If I could, I would choose it again :)

I would buy it again

  • Great from every point of view
  • I found none - maybe just the folded size that is not optimal if you have a small car

A superb pram, I use it with a universally fitting sibling board for my eldest (now she sits on it, later we'll use it for her standing on it). I would buy it again, I was completely satisfied.

A car with a bigger trunk is ideal

  • Good manipulation
  • Large bassinet and storage space underneath
  • Nice practical design 😊
  • You need a bigger car when transporting the chassis, bassinet and car seat 😁

So far I am using the bassinet and the egg, and I am satisfied with the handling. Easy to fold, unfold and stow :) The bassinet is larger, so a car with a bigger trunk is ideal, as the frame takes up a lot of space. The car seat is great, I have nothing to add :) I don't use the seat yet :)

It 1 000 000% suited me


It's a top-class stroller. It 1 000 000% suited me. We also had the Sibling adapter and seat unit - all worked out like a dream. Lightweight, and especially in the mountains 👌👌👌 (as we are living near and walks in the woods and other difficult terrain are quite a regular thing for us).

  • Large basket
  • Design
  • Sturdy chassis
  • Large-enough seat unit
  • A good push
  • The bumper bar doesn't open - I need to remove it to put my daughter into the seat
  • Too robust for me (I am petite and slim)

I have the Crusi as a spare - so I only have it for a few weeks 🙂 I am used to our Joolz Day 2, and the Crusi doesn't fit me that well.

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