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mivaka says:
"Of all the strollers I've had so far, this one is the best"
and gives the Stokke Crusi

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Of all the strollers I've had so far, this one is the best. It's really light for how sturdy it is, it rides beautifully and the deep bassinet is huge.

Folding is a breeze - although it doesn't go one-handed, which I would need a lot of times, but I would take that as a big bonus :) The stroller also has a big basket and the whole thing is easy to wash.

It is sold automatically with a raincoat and mosquito net. It can also be converted to a sibling stroller, but I haven't tried that... I don't have another baby :)

The only thing that bothers me about the stroller and why I'm looking forward to getting another one is that I have a car trunk full of it 😂 And also - my older sons' little hands combined with the creamy inside of the bassinet sometimes drives me crazy 😂 But it's not the stroller's fault.

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