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  • Great suspension
  • Spacious bassinet
  • Large air-filled wheels
  • Heavy
  • Bad folding, too bulky

Deep spacious bassinet, fits even a fat cosytoes. It has a reclining bottom and harness belts. The seat reverses in both directions, can be laid completely flat, even with an adjustable footrest. The wheels are huge and inflatable, nothing has happened to them in three years.

It's fine as a rocking stroller for the woods and fields, but I wouldn't want it in the city. It's a tank, it's bulky, not ideal for transporting in the car. The big carrycot is fine, the seat unit is worse. The canopy fades out quickly (compared to the rest of the stroller). We have a second hand one at each grandmother's.

I was wondering if they still don't make the blue one as I’m having a boy and I had the pink one for my little girl years ago.

  • Sturdy
  • Carries loads
  • Bulky
  • Heavy

It's difficult to say much about the carrycot part as our baby always hated being in the pram so we've carried her in a baby carrier for the first 5 months! Plus the pram is pretty heavy and I could never be bothered carrying it up out down the stairs at our flat's entrance.

We do know it is sturdy and can handle rough, icy terrain (urban & rural Estonia in winter) while carrying a LOT of weight. While traveling by train, we had our baby strapped to me in a Wilkenet while the Roan Marita carried all of our luggage - I mean the carrycot packed tight up to the hood plus the bottom storage full.

I now know thanks to great advice from this site that we could have used the seat unit from birth if fully reclined. Our kid has been out this way twice and loved it! Not sure if because she can see the world a bit more, forward-facing or how much it's down to her age.

  • Large carrycot
  • Sturdy frame
  • Rocks the baby to sleep (suspension 👍)
  • Impractical seat unit
  • Not for small car trunks

An excellent winter pram. Large, roomy carrycot, sturdy frame, and it rocks the baby beautifully. I had the eva foam wheels and I wouldn't change them for anything. But I didn't like the seat unit, which was quite horrible, impractical and ugly.

  • roomy bassinet
  • rocking-base bassinet
  • beautiful suspension for uneven terrain
  • fixed wheels that don't swivel

The best pram for me. We tried multiple, even those with swivel front wheels, but I am not sorry to get this one eventually. We used the bassinet for a very long time. The seat unit much less, as we rather bought a lighter pushchair after that. The bassinet can even be rocked on the floor as a crib since it has a rounded bottom. 😍

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