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ba says:
"It is perfect for putting the little one to sleep as it rocks wonderfully"
and gives the Roan Marita Prestige

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  • spacious cot and seat, too
  • solid, sturdy chassis that really rocks
  • large inflatable wheels
  • canopy without extension and without ventilation
  • the handle cannot be positioned, it will suit rather taller people
  • wire basket, need to watch out for smaller objects and puddles :-)
  • outdated and impractical system of putting on the cot/seat
  • unbraking can damage shoes
  • larger size even after folding

I had a Roan Marita Elegance (it has smaller wheels than the Prestige). I used it to put my little one to sleep on the terrace. It is perfect for this purpose as it rocks wonderfully.

The stroller has a huge spacious cot and also the seat. The cot - bassinet is really deep and fits a one year old baby just fine. The seat can be clicked on in both forward and rearward facing directions and is really spacious, especially in width. The canopy is common for both parts, without the possibility of extension, and - what I missed - was the mesh part in the canopy (especially on hot days).

The frame is sturdy and solid, with large inflatable wheels. It can handle rough terrain, but it has one downside - the handle cannot be positioned. It's quite high, so a shorter mum will have it in the height of her chest when strolling.

The basket is just wire, so smaller items will fall out of it. Alternatively, if you go through puddles, the contents of the basket will be splashed. But, what surprised me, it doesn't rattle at all.

The stroller is quite large even when folded. The wheels tend to catch rust and you also have to watch out for the covers, which fade quite quickly. What bothered me about the stroller was probably the outdated system of attaching the cot/seat to the chassis. Two pins on each side that have to be hit into the frame to fit (this system was used when I was riding in the stroller :-D) - it's quite impractical and makes a clicking sound when the stroller is rocked harder. It's a shame, because apart from that the stroller really is absolutely silent. And also the unbraking is quite strangely designed - it can damage shoes, or if I was wearing only sandals I would be afraid of hurting myself.

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