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  • controllability
  • dimensions of the bassinet
  • a bit too large for a smaller car :-)

Perfect to handle, cushioned, handles stairs too. The only disadvantage is folding it into the car. We have a Skoda Fabia and we have to take the wheels off, disassemble everything. It takes about three minutes, but we can fit it :-)

This pram is amazing :) Big carry cot and wheels. It's cushioned and definitely comfortable for baby :)

  • rocks well
  • good handling (4 large wheels, swivel front)
  • large, comfortable carrycot with ventilation system
  • the seat can be easily disassembled for long distance car transport
  • for the number of disadvantages, EXPENSIVE
  • HEAVY!
  • the bassinet does not face in the direction of travel
  • canopies provide little shade
  • seat has a poor centre of gravity when facing rearward - hard to turn, very heavy feeling because the centre of gravity is shifted forward
  • when facing forward, the child cannot be lying horizontally, but in the first raised position, otherwise the head is tilted slightly downwards (not 180 degrees, more like 185)

My requirements for the stroller were that it should rock as much as possible (modern strollers are incomprehensibly hard for me, even though the manufacturer states "suspension"), it should have big wheels and turning would be a great advantage and a relief. But in my opinion, manufacturers still don't make strollers that are really good, especially when one wants a more classic stroller like this. This stroller would probably be good if it weren't so heavy and had a better center of gravity for the seat setup especially - it's too far forward when going rear-facing and the stroller gets very heavy and hard to operate. In my opinion too expensive for the number of drawbacks!

The best stroller in the world

  • Large bassinet
  • Large wheels

It's the best stroller in the world 😍🙏

The perfect pram

  • Retro rocking chassis with front swivel wheels (perfect combination :) )
  • Excellent handling, completely stable, you can really use the rocking a lot with a baby
  • The stroller is high, so you can see the baby well when walking and you don't have to bend down so much (your back will appreciate it ;) )
  • It is spacious and comfortable
  • It is beautiful :D
  • Not everyone has one, but enough moms will envy you :D :D :D
  • By the nature of this type of stroller, it's not a small, light and compact stroller, but I wouldn't want any other for a small baby

Really the perfect pram. You definitely won't go wrong if you buy this stroller as a pram with a bassinet and then get a pushchair with a seat separately. I'm only reviewing the bassinet of the stroller because we didn't have the seat unit on this one.

Simply the best stroller in the world

  • deep spacious bassinet
  • suspension and inflatable bigger wheels - the little one didn't even know we were going over rough terrain
  • design (...ours was a combination of white, blue and red)
  • I only washed it once in 9 months of use, and that was to sell it, as any dirt could be beautifully removed from the material
  • the bag coming with the stroller is very practical and I could have easily stored 5 kg of shopping in the basket under the stroller
  • I don't know about any

Simply the best stroller in the world! 🌍👍💟 I can only RECOMMEND this type of stroller!

Goes over anything

  • comfortable
  • spacious
  • rocking
  • off-road - goes over everything
  • stable
  • tall
  • easy to handle with one hand
  • weight, but as long as you don't put it in the car and carry it, ok
  • bulkier, takes up more space in the car
  • smaller canopy, better to be extendable

The perfect stroller, goes over anything. Stable, comfortable, rocking, spacious - even a one year old baby can fit in the bassinet. The wheels can swivel, and they can be locked for the terrain.

  • Spacious for the baby
  • Rocks
  • Tall
  • Handles the city and terrain well
  • It is both heavier and bulkier, but we didn't mind that in the pram mode, with the bassinet (we have a different pushchair)

An amazing stroller - I'm definitely keeping it for my next baby. I really appreciated the roominess, the suspension and also not having to bend down to baby.

I had borrowed another stroller from my cousin when we were there on vacation, and I would never want a pram with a low positioned bassinet again - I was always bending and leaning, my back hurt, and I didn't feel good about the pushing. Plus, a non-rocking baby stroller is nothing much - a lightweight stroller only makes sense for older kids.

The best stroller ever! Minus - it's a bit heavy to carry! But maneuverability (and everything else) is perfect, and it's so elegant!

(Original: Labākie ratiņi, kas bijuši! Mīnuss - pasmagi, ja jānes! Bet manevrētība un visādi citādi - ideāli un eleganti!)

A really beautiful pram, and very comfortable. I was using it for nine months (with my son). We were absolutely happy with it!

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