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molnmon says:
"I'm definitely keeping it for my next baby"
and gives the Navington Caravel

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  • Spacious for the baby
  • Rocks
  • Tall
  • Handles the city and terrain well
  • It is both heavier and bulkier, but we didn't mind that in the pram mode, with the bassinet (we have a different pushchair)

An amazing stroller - I'm definitely keeping it for my next baby. I really appreciated the roominess, the suspension and also not having to bend down to baby.

I had borrowed another stroller from my cousin when we were there on vacation, and I would never want a pram with a low positioned bassinet again - I was always bending and leaning, my back hurt, and I didn't feel good about the pushing. Plus, a non-rocking baby stroller is nothing much - a lightweight stroller only makes sense for older kids.

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