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123stra says:
"The perfect pram"
and gives the Navington Caravel

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The perfect pram

  • Retro rocking chassis with front swivel wheels (perfect combination :) )
  • Excellent handling, completely stable, you can really use the rocking a lot with a baby
  • The stroller is high, so you can see the baby well when walking and you don't have to bend down so much (your back will appreciate it ;) )
  • It is spacious and comfortable
  • It is beautiful :D
  • Not everyone has one, but enough moms will envy you :D :D :D
  • By the nature of this type of stroller, it's not a small, light and compact stroller, but I wouldn't want any other for a small baby

Really the perfect pram. You definitely won't go wrong if you buy this stroller as a pram with a bassinet and then get a pushchair with a seat separately. I'm only reviewing the bassinet of the stroller because we didn't have the seat unit on this one.

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