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  • lightweight
  • steers well
  • nice-looking
  • low-positioned seat
  • short canopy
  • the whole seat's canopy completely bad
  • low basket

As a pram with a bassinet, it is very good. Lightweight, fairly compact, good looking, can handle even some worse urban terrain. But the seat part is absolutely terrible.

  • handling and controllability is great
  • turning the stroller in minimal space
  • folds well and easily
  • choice of colours, materials and colour combinations
  • appearance
  • not for the field
  • accessories not included
  • shorter canopy for some, but the child does not mind

The Mutsy Evo is a beautiful, stylish, urban stroller from a Dutch brand. Parents will appreciate its quality and its smooth handling. What I loved most about the stroller is how it can turn in minimal space, which really comes in handy. So, it's especially for the city, cafes/restaurants, shops; it can handle the terrain, but you'll work yourself up. You can latch the front wheels though and it goes much better. Even better if you buy inflatable rear wheels.

The bassinet is big for a baby up to about 8 months, with a winter foot muff up to about 6 months. The seat attachment can be positioned sitting and lying down, same with the footrest. The only thing that bothered me personally is the short canopy when it is lying down, but the baby always fell asleep peacefully. In sitting position it is sufficient.

Quite a big basket for shopping. I would put the stroller in the better middle class - not the most expensive, but not the cheapest either. The accessories are quite expensive, but it's up to you what you choose (raincover for sure!). Definitely a yes for me, unless you want to jog with the stroller and run around in the woods every day.

It handles very well and folds easily

  • Beautiful design
  • Handy
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to steer
  • Foam wheels in winter
  • Weaker suspension
  • Smaller carrycot
  • Weak cover for the opening on the carrycot

I was pleased not only with the look of the stroller, but also with its versatility. It handles very well and folds easily. It is not sturdy like some strollers, though it is very handy. The foam wheels didn't bother me at all - we went over what we needed to. We had to pick our way a bit in the winter as the snow got quite sticky.

I have a Mutsy Evo - I recommend this brand. It's totally compact, lightweight, comfortable and lasts a lot. We are planning on having another baby, so I decided not to sell it - as I am extremely happy.

We are very happy with it

  • handy
  • lightweight
  • good folding
  • we are very happy with it
  • none, we are happy with it

Superb. Recommended to anyone that are considering it.

  • Light
  • Quick fold
  • Compact for the trunk
  • Short sunhood on the seat part, that was also a reason to sell it after 7 months

Super light, we used the bassinet until 7 months. Easily foldable.

The only drawback - short sunhood on the seat.

Highly recommending this model


We are absolutely thrilled about it!!! Highly recommending this model.

  • lightweight
  • nice design
  • high quality, sturdy
  • ease of manipulation
  • only two:
  • short canopy (seat unit)
  • carrycot is smaller in size, which only matters with a larger kid in winter (if we want to put it in there with a footmuff)

Except for the two downsides I state in the cons section, we were satisfied. I can heartily recommend it.

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