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natalianm says:
"Nothing but the short canopy bothered me"
and gives the Mutsy Evo

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  • super solid chassis
  • beautiful design
  • the carrycot was spacious, enough for me - I could fit a 10-month-old baby in there
  • quality fabric
  • quite compact, even for a smaller car
  • possibility to buy different accessories
  • big wheels can handle even difficult terrain, I had bought inflatable wheels - absolutely great!
  • short canopy on the seat
  • open basket

This was our first, dream pram for our first child, so the review might be biased since I'm caught in emotional states 😁🤣... But no, no.

I rate the stroller well - it's super well build but has no suspension, which I didn't see as much of a problem. I bought the inflatable wheels and the ride was awesome.

The stroller is perfect until about 6 months, which is when your baby wants to snuggle out of the carrycot, but we didn't last long in it - we went to a seat at 5 months I think. And that's where the nerves started - the short canopy, nothing but the short canopy bothered me, as we were just in the middle of summer, it was all wrong.

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