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wassy says:
"I like the style, but I would definitely choose a different model now"
and gives the Mutsy Evo

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  • Compact (folds and unfolds quickly for transport)
  • Narrow
  • Handles well
  • Quite small bassinet (a six-month-old baby couldn't fit in the seat with a footmuff)
  • Storage space under the stroller is poorly set up - things fall out when there is a slight unevenness on the pavement
  • Hard enough chassis/ride (little suspension)
  • Impossible to position the child in the bassinet
  • Canopy not big enough for both the pram and the pushchair setup, I need an extra sunshade
  • We had to buy the buggy board only from the same brand, the universal one doesn't fit
  • Not very good for tall people (I'm 180cm and the handle was quite close to the stroller, I had to take smaller steps and it was also low, so I walked hunched over 😞)

Overall, with my second child, I am finding all the shortcomings of this stroller, and while I still like the style, I would definitely choose a different model now.

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