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  • Inflatable wheels
  • Removable covers
  • Good handling
  • Lightweight

Great satisfaction - both for me, as a mother, and the grandmothers, who are thrilled that it has 4 inflatable, fixed /non-swiveling/ wheels and a "rocking" chassis.

  • large hood, adjustable to what you need (2 in 1)
  • big basket that can carry a lot
  • a sibling board can be attached for a second child
  • inflatable big wheels
  • tall, and goes everywhere
  • adjustable handle
  • small viewing window to see the child

I loved this pram. It went everywhere, my child could fit in it until he was three years old and it was no problem, although the capacity of the bottom basket is only 2 kg, to carry a lot more.

It pushed well, although we had added a buggy board for the second child, but of course that was harder to push - it wasn't for wussies.

For me the best stroller. It went through snow, it went through mud, it went through everything. It was cushioned, it rocked beautifully. The only thing that bothered me was that there wasn't a bigger hole for the baby to look through when he was lying on his tummy, but the canopy could be folded down very flat, so it worked somehow eventually. We really got some mileage out of it, and we had bought it after one baby used it already, then we've used it for two more kids, and my friend has now used it for two more - and it's still holding up.

  • Rocks
  • Can go over anything
  • Sturdy chassis
  • Large storage space under the stroller, can carry a lot
  • Handle goes down, possible for the sibling to push
  • Doesn't break down, we're carrying our second child in it
  • All in one - a pushchair car that lies flat (and for a newborn either in an insert bag or a pad)
  • The wind cover apron of the bassinet can't be fastened all the way up, it's more for show, we used pegs
  • It squeaks a bit
  • Less compact in the car, but we could fit in our Skoda Felicia with a million things for the mountain trip :-)

I love this carriage. It's good to ride in, we're on our second baby. I wouldn't change it, if there are more kids, we will use it :-)

But it is a stroller for a certain lifestyle, not all moms will appreciate it. It's great for our lifestyle. Suitable for the woods, for trips, for the mountains. It rocks, soft suspension, goes through everything. Sturdy chassis - appreciated.

I knew it'd be fine with two kids


Used with both my kids, no problem. I wanted one, so I bought a new one. I knew it'd be fine with two kids. Before the second child, we had it checked at the service station just to be sure, and we were also extremely satisfied there. Inglesina is an excellent brand and the investment is worth it.

  • compact, suitable when space is not ample (pram and pushchair in one)
  • can be turned both forward- and parent-facing
  • large inflatable wheels - good for off-road
  • large storage basket
  • fully washable cover
  • possible to attach the car seat to the chassis
  • compared to some of the strollers, it had a rather large opening when the footrest was put on - in winter I would like it if it could cover more, so that the child would not be blown into the face...

Since we lived in an apartment, we were limited by storage space (pram, pushchair). So we were looking for a stroller that was as stackable as possible + good for the terrain, not with swivel wheels + that would fit in the lift and the car (we had a 5-door Renault Megane at the time). This stroller fulfilled all these requirements - seat and carrycot in one, large inflatable wheels, easy to put on both in forward and rearward-facing direction, easy to fold in the trunk of the car, in the elevator I could take myself and 2 small children, large basket, adjustable handle... We also made a lot of use of the car seat that clips on the chassis, which also had a very good newborn insert - it held the head nicely. For me, considering our requirements, almost a perfect stroller. I had it with 2 kids and I liked it a lot.

A perfect terrain pram, for a baby as well as a toddler. The storage basket is huge. The bassinet super large and safe, and I can lift the backrest for an older baby. I can't imagine a better one to make your child fall asleep. It's just a shame it is not made anymore.

Flawless. Even after 10 years of use, I have nothing bad to say about it. It can fit everywhere. I can go up the stairs (without help); it can carry a lot... And most importantly, kids are happy in it!

You can get everywhere with it

  • Large carrycot
  • Spacious
  • Quality wheels
  • Beautiful design
  • I found no cons

We bought this pram pre-loved. I didn't want a modern one because I needed a large carrycot for winter - and I don't regret this purchase. It's great, quiet, and you can get everywhere with it. Harsh terrain, village roads, bad or snowy roads - you name it... I don't mind that it doesn't feature swivel wheels - it is easy to push nonetheless. It folds nicely into the car boot, just - we have an extra small boot, so we have to remove the wheels, but that's ok.



The BEST pram. Would buy it again 🙂

  • Spacious
  • Rocking
  • No need for separate seat and bassinet as it's a 2in1
  • Narrow chassis that can fits through a 60cm door smoothly + fits in any elevator
  • Reversible seat unit
  • Large shopping basket that can carry a lot of stuff
  • Everything can be removed and washed
  • Must be lubricated more often; otherwise it makes noises
  • I would prefer a deeper seat
  • Sometimes I wish it had a reversible handlebar

A perfect pram that met our main criteria - fits in our elevator, easily passes through any terrain, allows you to rock your baby, and doesn't need to store the seat/the bassinet separately.

You can go anywhere with your baby

  • Air-filled tires pass through every terrain, and it is easy to push. Mommies who like swivel front wheels might, however, miss them, as the Magnum does not have those
  • Spring suspension - the baby does not feel any shaking
  • The carrycot can be made into a seat (space-saving)
  • All textiles are washable
  • Compact
  • Reversible
  • Large shopping basket
  • The chassis is compatible with other models and car seats
  • Not boring like those new prams
  • Comfortable
  • Nice design (I like it)
  • Color faded quickly
  • On the flexible part of the canopy, where it is attached to the pram, the cloth is covering a plastic part which is very hard, and the baby can hurt himself (hit its head)

All important features in one pram. And it is not boring, like many of the pram designs nowadays are. We use it even in our garden (=difficult terrain) - so you can go anywhere with your baby. The pram can also easily pass through snowy roads in the winter. We bought it pre-loved, but I would not change it for anything else. Since the spare parts are a bit expensive, we bought one more (second-hand) just for the spare parts, because I do not want a different pram 🙂 I am very satisfied and I highly recommend it.

A great rocking pram

  • Great suspension
  • Easy manipulation
  • A bit difficult to fold

A great rocking pram for babies 🙂

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