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zofizu says:
"I had it with 2 kids and I liked it a lot"
and gives the Inglesina Magnum

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  • compact, suitable when space is not ample (pram and pushchair in one)
  • can be turned both forward- and parent-facing
  • large inflatable wheels - good for off-road
  • large storage basket
  • fully washable cover
  • possible to attach the car seat to the chassis
  • compared to some of the strollers, it had a rather large opening when the footrest was put on - in winter I would like it if it could cover more, so that the child would not be blown into the face...

Since we lived in an apartment, we were limited by storage space (pram, pushchair). So we were looking for a stroller that was as stackable as possible + good for the terrain, not with swivel wheels + that would fit in the lift and the car (we had a 5-door Renault Megane at the time). This stroller fulfilled all these requirements - seat and carrycot in one, large inflatable wheels, easy to put on both in forward and rearward-facing direction, easy to fold in the trunk of the car, in the elevator I could take myself and 2 small children, large basket, adjustable handle... We also made a lot of use of the car seat that clips on the chassis, which also had a very good newborn insert - it held the head nicely. For me, considering our requirements, almost a perfect stroller. I had it with 2 kids and I liked it a lot.

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