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All user reviews of Elodie Details Mondo

16 parent reviews
  • Great colour combo pebble green for both boy or girl
  • Large oversized hood to keep the sun out
  • Integrated leg rest
  • Cabin hold
  • Materials are ok
  • Easy folding
  • Leatherette handle bar
  • Can be used with car seat but adapters are extra
  • Doesn't come with a carrycot
  • Over priced for use of stroller mode only
  • Flimsy handle movement
  • If not careful with handling fabrics they rip easily.
  • No accessories are included (no raincover ect)

I've been using the Mondo stroller for 4/5 months now. I've had four children and have been through ALL different types of strollers and pushchairs. I really wanted the Pebble Green stroller with White/Beige frame and I got it! It looks lush and goes well with my beige changing bag and organiser!

I must stress if your buying to use for the purpose of the stroller only, then I feel it's not quite worth the money they are charging even though I can take all the fabrics off and go to use with a carry cot, this in not included in the price of nearly £400!!! The carrycot is also another £253 on top!

I don't feel the handle movement when fully erected is sturdy enough for the price it is. There is a lot of play when up right. Upon taking all the fabrics off to clean there is only a flimsy cardboard part inside to hold baby/toddler. Materials used are quite bare minimum, considering the price. The colour looks great and also the matching bumper bar is extra too.

Overall I'm 60% happy and I wouldn't recommend it for the price unfortunately, it feels far too expensive for what it is. Sorry, honest review.

pretty stroller, but not for long

  • Good design
  • Folds
  • Doesn’t fold easily and is bigger than competitors
  • Broke down within the first two years beyond repair
  • Not as light as competitors
  • Doesn’t do welL on cobblestone or any a little rougher underground

I bought the stroller two years ago and the design and handling seemed great at first. It doesn’t fold as easily as others, but mainly it started to break down after a year and a half, after two years, it was barely usable and customer service was horrible about it. Literally stopped responding. I was extremely disappointed and ended up buying a second stroller from another trusted brand that gave a four-year warranty. A pretty stroller, but not for long.

  • looks
  • size
  • easy to fold
  • plane friendly size
  • reclining seat
  • wheels
  • skids on smooth surfaces

Was very happy with the purchase at first - beautiful, easy to carry, fits on a plane, but after 1.5 years of use, it became unusable. The wheels started to skid on smooth surfaces which became a nuisance when on airports or shopping malls.

For this price, I'd expect durability and longevity. Would go for Babyzen Yoyo or Cybex Mios next time.

  • hood
  • seat space
  • design
  • push
  • slippery liner
  • not breathable in leather version

I picked the camel brown eco leather version. It is sooo gorgeous and nobody around has a similar one. It is roomy enough, it has a fantastic large hood with a visor, and it drives well around town. Just I had to get a liner as in summer, the leather is not the best solution, I guess, and the liner slides down.

We used it even on a worse terrain

  • Very light while sturdy
  • Cabin-luggage sized & accepted
  • I found none

Beautiful, light weight, comfortable. We used it even on a worse terrain. Super easy to clean.

Everything it should have, it does have

  • XXL canopy
  • A completel lie-flat even for a newborn
  • Colour
  • A travel backpack
  • Extra lightweight
  • A fantastic folding system
  • Quiet ride
  • Everything it should have, it does have
  • Sietka na strieske
  • Nanoznik

Really excellent. The only thing I am missing is a mesh window to check on my son, and an apron for the pushchair. Otherwise, nothing to reproach - I recommend it :)

I just couldn't resist 😊

  • hood size and style
  • high seatback
  • wheels

I knew I'd get an ED buggy. I wanted the Stockholm stroller with my first, but I never got it... So I absolutely had to have the newer Mondo with my second. I just couldn't resist 😊😍 The buggy is BEAU-TI-FUL, srsly, and that is why I wanted it so much. It is not bad at all, but I must be honest and say I also got the Easywalker Miley which, looking at it in all the complexity, is a much better stroller, functions-wise. I'll see... but I am, in any case, happy to own it 🤩

Such a luxurious buggy

  • trendy, stylish
  • luxurious
  • lightweight
  • lie flat seat
  • adjustable leg rest
  • the bag to put in the basket is GENIUS
  • strap recline
  • not the longest seat surface (84 cm), but it's OK
  • the bumper bar needs to be ordered - and the waiting time is long
  • the brake is NOT flip-flop friendly
  • stones get stuck in the wheel foam a LOT

Such trendy colours! The Mondo is such a luxurious buggy. The canopy is the largest I've seen, even taking larger pushchairs into account!

The problematic part would be the wheels, they get stones stuck in the foam layer almost immediately. Also, the belly bar is sold separately, and watch out - there's quite a wait for the bumper bar.

Unfortunately, there was a problem with the manufacturing, and we had to return the stroller because the whole batch was faulty. It seems very nice (maybe just a bit more of suspension would be appreciated), and the available batch should be without problems.

  • Super compact
  • Beautiful
  • Extra-long canopy
  • Spacious for the type
  • The rear pocket is the cutest I have ever seen
  • The optional backpack that fits in the basket is a great idea
  • The unfolding is a bit clumsy
  • Wheels are noisier on uneven terrain
  • Slumped/angled sitting position but that's normal for ultracompacts)
  • Price

I do love the look, and the features are truly great for such a small pushchair, but the wheels are so much better and quieter on the Joolz Aer, for which I am gonna swap it. I am too pampered from my big stroller system that was so quiet (and it was a Joolz).

Very happy about it


Very happy about it, I fell in love 😍

It has all the things I missed on the Ergobaby Metro, so it's just what I needed :-)

  • beautiful
  • car seat compatible
  • none so far

I bought it for the beautiful design, even though my baby is still using a bassinet (of another brand pram). This one I am keeping in my car with car seat adapters, and for that purpose, it serves us very well. I cannot wait for the time my son will grow out of the bassinet days so we can use the Mondo more, with the seat attached :-)

  • Design
  • Canopy
  • Spacious
  • Compact
  • Recycled (eco-conscious)
  • Larger rear wheels
  • Not for harsh terrain
  • Noisy on cobblestones
  • Puzzle-system of the harness buckle

I love the looks - that's why I also had the Stockholm stroller before. If you actually care about fashion and searching for something compact, you can't really go for anything else. Functionality-wise, it's also nice, so I am not even questioning my choice. Incredible details! And my daughter loves cow-like pattern ;-)

Stylish, and kinda spacious for what it is... but for that price - too simple of a buggy for me. You pay for the brand, I suppose.

  • Full recline of the seat
  • Hood
  • Accessories
  • Travel back(pack)
  • Price

Beautiful, super stylish. I am in love with the spotty design with golden frame, and those matching accessories (like a liner or a footmuff - and I am even getting a matching baby hat) 😇 Full recline is great for my six-month-old Toby, and that huge canopy (for the type of a buggy) 😍 Overall, pretty much a perfect travel pushchair.

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