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Dr Maxie says:
"pretty stroller, but not for long"
and gives the Elodie Details Mondo

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pretty stroller, but not for long

  • Good design
  • Folds
  • Doesn’t fold easily and is bigger than competitors
  • Broke down within the first two years beyond repair
  • Not as light as competitors
  • Doesn’t do welL on cobblestone or any a little rougher underground

I bought the stroller two years ago and the design and handling seemed great at first. It doesn’t fold as easily as others, but mainly it started to break down after a year and a half, after two years, it was barely usable and customer service was horrible about it. Literally stopped responding. I was extremely disappointed and ended up buying a second stroller from another trusted brand that gave a four-year warranty. A pretty stroller, but not for long.

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