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Nicoleuk says:
"I'm 60% happy and I wouldn't recommend it for the price unfortunately"
and gives the Elodie Details Mondo

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  • Great colour combo pebble green for both boy or girl
  • Large oversized hood to keep the sun out
  • Integrated leg rest
  • Cabin hold
  • Materials are ok
  • Easy folding
  • Leatherette handle bar
  • Can be used with car seat but adapters are extra
  • Doesn't come with a carrycot
  • Over priced for use of stroller mode only
  • Flimsy handle movement
  • If not careful with handling fabrics they rip easily.
  • No accessories are included (no raincover ect)

I've been using the Mondo stroller for 4/5 months now. I've had four children and have been through ALL different types of strollers and pushchairs. I really wanted the Pebble Green stroller with White/Beige frame and I got it! It looks lush and goes well with my beige changing bag and organiser!

I must stress if your buying to use for the purpose of the stroller only, then I feel it's not quite worth the money they are charging even though I can take all the fabrics off and go to use with a carry cot, this in not included in the price of nearly £400!!! The carrycot is also another £253 on top!

I don't feel the handle movement when fully erected is sturdy enough for the price it is. There is a lot of play when up right. Upon taking all the fabrics off to clean there is only a flimsy cardboard part inside to hold baby/toddler. Materials used are quite bare minimum, considering the price. The colour looks great and also the matching bumper bar is extra too.

Overall I'm 60% happy and I wouldn't recommend it for the price unfortunately, it feels far too expensive for what it is. Sorry, honest review.

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