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  • really low weight
  • nice folded package, and small
  • padding is very comfy
  • compatible with a 0+ capsule
  • slanted seat
  • hood couls provide more sun coverage (but it's extending quite fine)
  • small basket
  • the plastic covers of the accessory attachment points feel a bit cheap, wobbly, but it's a minor issue really

My kid is quite slanted in the seat, but the overall size and functionality are actually pleasant to use. We plane traveled with, there weren't any problems; the size fit the overhead compartment just so, though 😉

Just don’t buy the black one

  • compact auto fold
  • quality textiles
  • large canopy
  • lay flat seat
  • suspension
  • low weight
  • black color is dirty quickly and often
  • basket is not too large

The hood is large, the seat is nicely padded and the auto fold is incredibly easy. Just don’t buy the black one - the dirt from the ground is immediately visible in the hood fabric!!

Looks so much better in real life

  • Looks better IRL!
  • Lever-operated recline - I hate the strap reclines on most ultracompacts
  • Compactness
  • Basket - for such a small buggy
  • Accessories (I love the LED light, my DS feels like a policeman!)
  • Hood could be even longer (but this is usual on travel pushchairs)
  • Not completely upright seat back

It looks so much better in real life! A stylish travel buggy. Recommended.

  • Suspension
  • A soft liner on the backrest side - we never needed any additional liner
  • It can be fully reclined
  • Overall design; quality materials
  • Weight capacity of up to 22 kg
  • One-handed fold - just press a button, and it will fold by itself, even the lock clicks in
  • Good and easy maneuvering
  • The canopy could be larger since the sun still shines into my daughter's eyes even when the canopy's extended
  • Personally, I would love a bit bigger wheels

This stroller is great, ideal for the city. The best I owned, actually. We even tried forest roads, grass terrain - no problems. Ony gravel was problematic, but that was problematic with every stroller we had. We'll see how it fares in winter when there's some snow. I can push it one-handedly, and the fold is exceptionally easy - the stroller folds by itself, and even the lock goes on automatically. It's lightweight, so carrying it up a few stairs even with the child in it is not a problem anymore. I also appreciate the 22kg load capacity and 5kg basket capacity. You can easily fit a taller child in; there's enough space under the canopy.

The rain cover is included, and so is a carry bag. The manufacturer guarantees a 10-year warranty, which is awesome; I didn't know about it when purchasing it.

The suspension is very well made, and it can be felt as rocking when you push a bit harder on the handlebar. I believe some moms will be very glad about that. With this suspension, I would, however, put a little larger wheels on the Jackey.

I also bought the optional LED light attachable on the bumper bar. Great for bad light conditions - we know where we are going 🙂

The leather handlebar is very pleasant to hold - the hands don't get all sweaty. Also the bumper bar is covered with leather.

The canopy is extendable and equipped with 2 mesh windows on the sides. This is a minus, in my opinion - one of my needs was an extendable canopy, so my daughter is protected from direct sunlight. You cannot try this in the shop, so I found out while using the stroller that it could be even longer. I think it will sort itself out when my DD will grow some more and be taller. I would also reproach the placement of the zipper on the canopy - when you have a bag on the handle, it's very hard to access.

If the canopy were a little longer, this stroller would be absolutely perfect. In any case, I strongly recommend it for urban strolls and traveling. In the car, it takes almost no space.

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