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Barbora says:
"If the canopy would be a bit longer, this buggy would be perfect"
and gives the Easywalker Jackey

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  • Suspension
  • Padded seatback, no need for any liners
  • Lies completely flat
  • Materials
  • 22kg weight capacity
  • One-hand folding that only needs you to push the button, it will fold by itself
  • Easy, good steering
  • I'd appreciate a longer hood
  • I would also want a bit larger wheels

A superb stroller, ideal for the city - the best form all I had, actually. We used it on dirt roads, even or grass, and all went well. Only ravel is problematic, but it was like that will all the strollers I owned. We'll see about winter and snow.

It can be steered with one hand only and folding it is exceptionally easy. It folds by itself, even the folding lock closes by itself. It's also lightweight, so I can lift it and carry it upstairs even with my child in my other arm. I appreciate the 22 kg weight limit + 5 kg in the basket. A taller toddler can fit inside, there's enough space under the hood.

The rain cover and the travel bag to carry it in are included.

The suspension is very well-made, it is soft so I can rock my baby a little, which some mummies will like, I believe. I would, however, want tiny bit larger wheels with such nice shock-absorbers.

I got the optional LED light, which is fantastic when it gets dark - we see where we go 🙂 The eco-leather pushbar is very nice to touch, my hands don't get sweaty. The child's belly bar is also covered by the same eco leather.

The hood can be extended, with 2 side mesh panes for ventilation. I found a problem here, as I wanted an extendable hood to avoid the sun getting in my little one's eyes. You cannot test this in the shop, however, so I found out while using it that the hood could/should be a bit longer to cover my child better. But I think this could be better when my daughter grows up a little more, being higher up and closer to the sunhood. I am also not a fan of the zipper on the hood, it can get hard to do when I have a nappy bag on the parent bar as the zipper it very close to the bars.

If the canopy would be a bit longer, this buggy would be perfect. In any case, I recommend it, for the city and for traveling, it is excellent. It takes only a bit of space folded in our trunk.

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