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HollyP says:
"Easywalker have prioritized style over substance in my view and so it's not fit for my purpose"
and gives the Easywalker Jackey

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  • handling is light and easy
  • stylish colour and leatherette handles
  • wipe-clean handlebar for baby
  • no way to carry without putting into the travel bag!!
  • smaller basket than I expected for the weight capacity
  • hood gets very much in the way of the handle when not extended
  • no peekaboo window, only ventilation vents

I did soo much research on the best ultra-compact stroller to use through the summer for day trips in the lead-up to our flight & holiday in September. I settled after much ado on the Jackey. Initial impressions were good, but the more I got to know and test it the more I disliked it.

It is light and easy to handle, which was exactly what I was looking for. The green is a lovely sage/forest colour, not too easy to dirty I'd imagine, bonus. The wheels can be fixed, which although is not my preference I suppose is good to have the choice. The basket is much smaller than I'd expected for a 5kg weight capacity, I'm not sure you could fit 5kg worth of weight in it! The lifetime warranty is great and was a key consideration in my purchase. The fold mechanism though in my view is clunky. The fold down is easy enough but fold up is not one-handed, not particularly smooth. You have to hold the front wheel frame with one hand whilst stretching out the back with the other. Again, not ideal with a toddler running about your feet! I wanted it quick and easy. I wouldn't call the unfold of the Jackey either.

But worst, you'd expect (or is it just me?) that a foldable pram clearly designed to be lifted and carried would have an integrated strap/handle... but no. Apparently, the only way to do this is to pick up the stroller (to my point... how?) and zip it into the travel bag which does have a handle to carry. For a 'travel pram' this is not what I'd expect to do have to do in an airport or a bust station but worst, on a plane. Can you imagine trying to do that with a toddler in the other arm and a queue of people behind you? I don't think so.

So for me, the Jackey just won't cut it. I am returning it and will buy an alternative. Easywalker have prioritized style over substance in my view and so it's not fit for my purpose.

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