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  • Spaciousness
  • Easy handling
  • Suitable for snow and terrain
  • Changing bag included
  • Space under the stroller for things is large
  • It probably won't fit in a smaller car/boot, we had a combi

For me the perfect pram. Spacious, big, perfect for the area around us, thanks to the big wheels it was easy to walk on the curbs and also in the woods. I took it mainly because of its spaciousness, my son slept there like in a bed. Both my children fit there when needed 😂 (seat). It has the possibility of classic "rocking", which I appreciated very much with my son. We went shopping only with the frame when the children were the smallest - the car seat was put on with one click. If you are looking for a spacious pram, I think it is ideal.

Happy with it


I am happy with it.

  • Large
  • Spacious
  • Heavy

A great pram, bought in 2012 and served also my daughter born in 2017.

  • Really big bassinet
  • Can handle any terrain
  • Seat reclinable up to lying down
  • Deep basket
  • Large canopy, protection from sun and wind
  • Bag included
  • Easy to push
  • Folds easily into the car
  • On the heavier side

I have it for my second child and it's still like new, we've just had to change the tires over the years. Other than that, no squeaks, brakes are firm, nothing. It can handle any terrain. It's easy to handle. Adjustable parent handle, suitable for taller people.

  • Rocks
  • Big seat - 102cm long
  • Goes over everything
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Large cot - inner length 81 cm
  • Large basket
  • Large apron for the seat
  • Insect net included
  • Reverses to face both directions
  • Heavy
  • Bulky

The best stroller.... I recommend it especially for the outdoors, it goes through everything...

It has withstood everything

  • Withstands anything
  • Nice and sturdy, but a rather heavier pram

It has withstood everything - taking 3 children from 0 to 2 years (we had a 3 in 1 set) and the last child really cross-country, often through forest / rocky terrain and deep snow.

I'm glad I had it


The best pram. I'm glad I had it. I recommend it...

  • spacious bassinet
  • all elements removable and washable
  • great stability
  • suspension of the whole stroller (rocking)
  • easy locking of the swivel front wheels
  • all-terrain inflatable wheels
  • mesh and detachable vent at the rear of the bassinet
  • possibility to flip the whole canopy over
  • price
  • the brake is harder to release
  • a toy cannot be hung on the canopy, no hook there (we personally miss it a lot)
  • it takes up a lot of space when folded (not much for a small car)

A super sturdy pram for all terrain - and it really passes the heavy stress test of crossing pastures :-Đ After two children it is still beautiful, the colour is not faded and the Butterfly edition model throws beautiful reflections in the sun.

I especially appreciate the ability to flip the deep seat the other way - my daughter prefers to ride on her tummy facing forward. Also great is the ability to open and flip over one part of the canopy, leaving just the net - the pram ventilates beautifully even in very hot weather. All the fabric parts are removable and washable, including the bottom basket (which is really roomy).

The stroller is very sturdy and stable - even when hanging a really heavy changing bag there is no risk of tipping over. I would definitely recommend the pram to anyone who is dealing with practicality and with varied terrain.

Bassinet is spacious and adjustable

  • Large bassinet
  • Back positioning in the bassinet
  • Adjustable ventilation window
  • Large canopy
  • Stable
  • Possibility of turning the baby to be facing you
  • Straight, upright seat in the pushchair setup
  • Middle part of the waist is very low-positioned
  • Leg rest cannot be raised all the way up
  • The canopy on the seat slumps inwards and disturbs the child when sleeping

Bassinet is spacious and adjustable, only the mattress could be firmer. In the seat part I mind that the seat does not tilt backwards a bit more when upright, which forced my six-month-old baby to sit very straight and fall forward.

Otherwise the seat is spacious. I appreciate the air vents in the back, which can be opened for small dose of ventilation. It's a pity that the positioning of the legs can't be put completely up - I had to put the lower part of the waist strap higher, so that my smaller child wouldn't slip down... the retracted canopy folds in the middle and when my baby sleeps, it rests on his head...

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