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ange says:
"A super sturdy pram for all terrain"
and gives the Dorjan Danny Sport Prestige

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  • spacious bassinet
  • all elements removable and washable
  • great stability
  • suspension of the whole stroller (rocking)
  • easy locking of the swivel front wheels
  • all-terrain inflatable wheels
  • mesh and detachable vent at the rear of the bassinet
  • possibility to flip the whole canopy over
  • price
  • the brake is harder to release
  • a toy cannot be hung on the canopy, no hook there (we personally miss it a lot)
  • it takes up a lot of space when folded (not much for a small car)

A super sturdy pram for all terrain - and it really passes the heavy stress test of crossing pastures :-Đ After two children it is still beautiful, the colour is not faded and the Butterfly edition model throws beautiful reflections in the sun.

I especially appreciate the ability to flip the deep seat the other way - my daughter prefers to ride on her tummy facing forward. Also great is the ability to open and flip over one part of the canopy, leaving just the net - the pram ventilates beautifully even in very hot weather. All the fabric parts are removable and washable, including the bottom basket (which is really roomy).

The stroller is very sturdy and stable - even when hanging a really heavy changing bag there is no risk of tipping over. I would definitely recommend the pram to anyone who is dealing with practicality and with varied terrain.

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