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lie40 says:
"Bassinet is spacious and adjustable"
and gives the Dorjan Danny Sport Prestige

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  • Large bassinet
  • Back positioning in the bassinet
  • Adjustable ventilation window
  • Large canopy
  • Stable
  • Possibility of turning the baby to be facing you
  • Straight, upright seat in the pushchair setup
  • Middle part of the waist is very low-positioned
  • Leg rest cannot be raised all the way up
  • The canopy on the seat slumps inwards and disturbs the child when sleeping

Bassinet is spacious and adjustable, only the mattress could be firmer. In the seat part I mind that the seat does not tilt backwards a bit more when upright, which forced my six-month-old baby to sit very straight and fall forward.

Otherwise the seat is spacious. I appreciate the air vents in the back, which can be opened for small dose of ventilation. It's a pity that the positioning of the legs can't be put completely up - I had to put the lower part of the waist strap higher, so that my smaller child wouldn't slip down... the retracted canopy folds in the middle and when my baby sleeps, it rests on his head...

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