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I had many strollers, but none of them fit me like this one. My only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner :) It looks massive, but it's as sturdy as can be. I can only recommend it to everyone. My daughter naps in it for a long periods of time and it can handle any terrain, which suits me in the village.

  • Excellent for the terrain
  • Quick folding into the car
  • Amazing handling, comfortable
  • Brake is great
  • There is a handy hook on the handle for folding the stroller, but I use it for hanging shopping bags
  • Fits in a small lift
  • Practical
  • Wheels traverse rough terrain with ease, so far without damage
  • Excellent cushioning for our bumpy city :-D I don't know if I would use a city stroller with small wheels here
  • In the terrain, it quickly starts squeaking because of dust and mess
  • A bit heavy for regular folding into the car
  • Small space for things under the stroller (small for me ;-) )
  • Short hoods both on the seat and on the cot
  • Apron on the seat is not enough in winter

I adore this stroller, even though it has shortcomings, but for me it is just fine for normal use. Every day we are in the woods, on the lake, at the castle, in the shop, walking around the city. It carries everything I pack, goes over any terrain... So far I've been using it for a year, half a year in the carrycot and half a year in the seat, and I have no need to try another stroller.

3 in 1 system:
1. Car seat - great, very light. Two plastic handles of the clamping slat of the hood fell apart over time, but it didn't take away from its functionality, just the ends broke...
2. Deep cot Scout - the zippers that held the cover together started to come apart with the weight of the baby, the sockets started to steam, classic - short hood (but we had a shade from the seat part, so we used it also on the cot). Otherwise it is perfectly foldable and storable, which is a great advantage! And it's light.
3. Seat unit/pushchair - the apron in the winter is a mistake, but we covered the little one with a footmuff, the handle is harder to unfasten (but it hides a handy plastic foot cover against the rain and wind). Short hood (we have a shade for it, but putting it on is not practical), short belts (you can buy an extension, we haven't bought it yet), quick adjustment of the angle of the backrest.

  • Solid frame
  • Very easy to fold and unfold
  • Suitable for off-road use
  • Seat can be turned both in and against the direction of travel
  • Very lightweight car seat
  • Slightly heavier frame
  • The sleeper 2.0 is smaller inside due to its nature, thus more for babies born in spring/summer for use without a footmuff

Personally, I am very satisfied with the stroller. Suitable for the city, the village, and also the forest. We had no problem with it in any terrain.

I recommend it

  • Spaciousness and comfort
  • Reversibility
  • Option to put the seat to full recline
  • Maneuverability
  • The handle touches the ground when folded

I recommend it.

Very good stroller for all terrain


Very good stroller for all terrain. Large basket for shopping, plenty of room for baby to sleep. I was just annoyed that the frame scratches quickly compared to the Concord Neo - it's better quality there.

The best pram I've ever had

  • Plenty of sleeping space
  • Large basket at the bottom

The best pram I've ever had. Great for the terrain. Even a bigger child sleeps comfortably in the reclined position. I recommend.

  • very light
  • foldable
  • modern
  • huge seat
  • easy to drive
  • the front wheels were spinning at the expense of weight
  • the Concord bassinet was replaced by a Jané Micro (bigger) after a while

I don't know if it will be possible to find a better stroller in such a reasonable price range. It pushed very well, it was light, but the front wheels would often spin, probably due to the low weight, they weren't as if they were well weighted. The seat setup was divine, huge, modern design, we had a Concord bassinet with it but had to soon swap for a Jané Micro bassinet because of the size.

The best of the best


The best of the best. We went over everything without much effort.

It did what I expected of it

  • Also suitable for off-road, forest roads and manoeuvres well in the snow
  • The seat unit can be folded together with the chassis
  • None

Excellent stroller, I didn't get tired of it. For a long time I was looking for a stroller that would be suitable for off-road, on forest roads and that would maneuver well in the snow. And I did well to choose the Wanderer. It may look robust, but it did what I expected of it.

  • Very cushioned, soft stroller, very comfortable for babies, yet quite light
  • Good handling
  • Suitable for terrain
  • The seat can be put to face both directions
  • Huge space in the seat
  • Large basket
  • My hubby likes how big and convenient it is
  • Problem with the wheel lock, it falls out
  • Comfortable for bigger kids, but for mom it's too big and harder to handle than a light Valco and similar strollers
  • When folding the stroller, it is necessary to fold down the seat and the chassis. First you have to put the chassis in the car, then the seat, so you have to put the seat somewhere without getting it dirty
  • In the field, the wheels sometimes get stuck, the locking system would solve it, but it falls out

A proper stroller. Ideal from baby, because it is softly, beautifully cushioned.

It can do it all

  • Sturdy
  • Flexible
  • Spacious
  • Stylish
  • Practical
  • None

The best stroller so far. Solid chassis and great wheels that go over any terrain. Large canopy, spacious seat surface, easy handling.

For me, a really great pushchair whether in the city or in the mountains - it can do it all. Its weight equals its quality, so I don't mind that it's maybe a little heavier than rattly buggies.

Spacious, off-road


Super solid frame, superb wheels. Spacious, off-road.

We struggled with it with 2 kids

  • spacious seat (up to approx. 3 years of age)
  • brake malfunction
  • squeaking of the frame
  • colour fading

Compared to the high price, we expected excellent quality. The chassis squeaked from the start, the brakes were also faulty - bad locking and the brake connecting rod was also falling out. We claimed warranty 5 times, the stroller still worked for 2 days and then the same faults. We struggled with it with 2 kids.

We do not recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It handled even harsh trails

  • Super sturdy frame
  • Easy to drive
  • The carrycot can be attached to the back seat in the car as car seat (we didn't use it like that)
  • Nice basket size

The stroller has a perfectly sturdy construction. It handled even harsh trails, and forest paths, all perfectly fine. I was very happy with the handling. The pushchair part could be more upright for the baby, but otherwise, it is designed for smaller babies, it can be put in a full lie-flat position.

Frequent faults

  • None
  • Constant failures
  • Lengthy complaints
  • Poor handling
  • Heavy
  • Hard straps with no height adjustment (behind the child)
  • Poor maintainability

I dreamed of this stroller and went to the store to buy one for full price. But for me, it was a big disappointment. The stroller is definitely not suitable for the terrain, frequent faults, and constant complaints. In the end an unsellable piece.

  • Easy to fold
  • Awesome, large wheels
  • Big shopping basket
  • Soft insert carrycot/bag Snug is superspacious
  • Short hood
  • Small conventional carrycot

For a first stroller system - fantastic.

An excellent all-terrain stroller

  • Fantastic manipulation
  • Easy to push
  • Quick unfolding
  • Folds to a small package
  • High price

An excellent all-terrain stroller. Easy to push, quick to fold as well as unfold. Very comfortable for the baby.

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