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joy says:
"Ideal from baby, because it is softly, beautifully cushioned"
and gives the Concord Wanderer

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  • Very cushioned, soft stroller, very comfortable for babies, yet quite light
  • Good handling
  • Suitable for terrain
  • The seat can be put to face both directions
  • Huge space in the seat
  • Large basket
  • My hubby likes how big and convenient it is
  • Problem with the wheel lock, it falls out
  • Comfortable for bigger kids, but for mom it's too big and harder to handle than a light Valco and similar strollers
  • When folding the stroller, it is necessary to fold down the seat and the chassis. First you have to put the chassis in the car, then the seat, so you have to put the seat somewhere without getting it dirty
  • In the field, the wheels sometimes get stuck, the locking system would solve it, but it falls out

A proper stroller. Ideal from baby, because it is softly, beautifully cushioned.

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