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monivv says:
"I've been using it for a year and I have no need to try another stroller"
and gives the Concord Wanderer

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  • Excellent for the terrain
  • Quick folding into the car
  • Amazing handling, comfortable
  • Brake is great
  • There is a handy hook on the handle for folding the stroller, but I use it for hanging shopping bags
  • Fits in a small lift
  • Practical
  • Wheels traverse rough terrain with ease, so far without damage
  • Excellent cushioning for our bumpy city :-D I don't know if I would use a city stroller with small wheels here
  • In the terrain, it quickly starts squeaking because of dust and mess
  • A bit heavy for regular folding into the car
  • Small space for things under the stroller (small for me ;-) )
  • Short hoods both on the seat and on the cot
  • Apron on the seat is not enough in winter

I adore this stroller, even though it has shortcomings, but for me it is just fine for normal use. Every day we are in the woods, on the lake, at the castle, in the shop, walking around the city. It carries everything I pack, goes over any terrain... So far I've been using it for a year, half a year in the carrycot and half a year in the seat, and I have no need to try another stroller.

3 in 1 system:
1. Car seat - great, very light. Two plastic handles of the clamping slat of the hood fell apart over time, but it didn't take away from its functionality, just the ends broke...
2. Deep cot Scout - the zippers that held the cover together started to come apart with the weight of the baby, the sockets started to steam, classic - short hood (but we had a shade from the seat part, so we used it also on the cot). Otherwise it is perfectly foldable and storable, which is a great advantage! And it's light.
3. Seat unit/pushchair - the apron in the winter is a mistake, but we covered the little one with a footmuff, the handle is harder to unfasten (but it hides a handy plastic foot cover against the rain and wind). Short hood (we have a shade for it, but putting it on is not practical), short belts (you can buy an extension, we haven't bought it yet), quick adjustment of the angle of the backrest.

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