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A great all-terrain stroller


A great all-terrain stroller. We use it at grandparents.

  • hand brake
  • detachable rear part of the canopy on the seat
  • small for a larger child
  • backrest positioning
  • squeaks
  • generally difficult to control
  • bounces terribly on uneven surfaces

We inherited the carriage from my sister - I wouldn't have chosen such a horror on my own. The carriage is rickety - the brake always squeaks at the beginning and only after a while of pushing it stops (although we greased, and tightened the frame variously). The backrest is not easy to position. And finally, it's too small for our little giant.

  • Great wheels and suspension
  • Great Playmoon bassinet
  • Great handbrake
  • Spacious basket
  • Insect net on the bassinet
  • Adapters-free system
  • Design
  • The backrest of the stroller goes to full recline (I really don't know why some webs write otherwise...)
  • Wide pushchair seat
  • Smooth back positioning
  • The canopy is not large enough (we solved it first with a sunshade and then by replacing the whole canopy with Petite&Mars one)

It was our first, the first of 13 strollers we've had over time - and nothing has ever topped it! We've also had the Stokke Trailz, or the Bugaboo Cameleon3! This one is just perfect.

It rides beautifully, the best of all in the field! The Playmoon bassinet - large and unbeatable for the car instead of a car seat (we took turns when the little one fell asleep in the stroller, left him in it and didn't have to wake him up by changing him from one to the other). Great mosquito net in the canopy. We upgraded the stroller with a new Petite&Mars canopy, which is more foldable and protects the baby better - and this way the stroller is perfect!

  • Stroller growing with the child (and our baby is large enough)
  • Durable and high quality materials
  • Easy handling (I'm not a manual type, but mechanically it is easy to move and does not shake)
  • For all terrains
  • Easy rotation of the wheels
  • Design
  • Storage space (removable, washable)
  • Higher weight of the frame

Our first and so far last stroller, which is for the mountains and the city. We used it in parks and on nature trails.

It can carry a lot - shopping, parcels, mum's bit and pieces - a huge storage space and even under the hood you can fit jackets and toys.

The baby is secure in it, when the child looks out and gets tilted to the side, the stroller stands firmly. Mechanisms and accessories can be easily attached, through the top canopy mom can check the condition of the baby. The design for me is very nice - a simple colour (I think they have also coloured versions) combination of blue-marine and black. Brake and suspension fantastic (words of my man), a big plus. For us, pluses were also easy maintenance and variability of materials. From original accessories I bought only a footmuff and a liner for the summer.

We bought the stroller pre-owned, used with 2 children and a mother who took excellent care of it. We bought it with the idea that we will see, we will buy a better one in time, but I will not give it away even for a buggy. We have changed 1 inner tube (in all the time we have had it) and fixed the brake that slipped off the attachment. I can say that it still works great and since my techie critical husband praises it, that's saying something. Even though it's not for running, I've run with it a couple of times, I've even pushed my little one on a longboard holding the massive handle. And it is necessary to highlight the 3in1 system, the car seat lasted us until 8-9 months with a baby larger for its age. Fuss-free, and with elegant accessories.

I'm not looking forward to giving it to someone - and yes, if I had to buy a new one, it would be worth it.

  • Each wheel is sprung individually
  • Handbrake - I wouldn't want an off-roader without it
  • It has good driving characteristics in rough terrain
  • It's a nice looking buggy
  • Very stable, no need to worry about tipping
  • Combines the advantages of 3 and 4 wheel strollers = 3 wheels are suitable for off-road use + no problem when getting on public transport or on curbs
  • Never had a puncture
  • Canopy positioning is very quiet and does not wake up the baby
  • Suspensiom compensates for unevenness, but it is not a rocking one
  • With the 2nd child you can already feel the wear and tear, the folding is stuck, the colour is faded, the surface can be felt more and more
  • The canopy is not long enough - neither on the bassinet, nor on the seat
  • The seatback is short
  • Handling on flat and easy terrain is significantly better in most other strollers - cthis an't be controlled comfortably with 1 hand, but it outperforms most strollers in worse terrain
  • The stroller is quite heavy, but this in turn helps stability
  • The handle could be possible to position even a little higher

We bought this stroller 2nd hand after the 1st baby (through friends, so we know 100% that it was really one baby and they treated it well). Unfortunately, the use has taken a toll on it and the stroller gets stuck when folded, it has faded a bit, and overall, the wear is noticeable.

It still has very good off-road properties. It goes through a lot, each wheel is sprung separately, in addition, even the bassinet or seat unit have a bit will on the frame, so it copes well with unevenness. It's not a stroller that would rock, but it's not a rattle either, and it's really good in terrain, and it's great to handle (compared to other strollers). On light terrain it handles worse compared to city strollers and cannot be comfortably controlled with 1 hand. In rough terrain it is really very good and stable, but that means a higher weight - and significantly so. We really appreciate the hand brake.

The basket space is average. We have extended the canopy. The seat is good overall, but unfortunately it has a shorter backrest, and therefore does not fit older and larger toddlers. I rate the stroller above average, because it is not bad, and if it really fits someone, I highly recommend it. We are happy with it, but if I were to decide again, I would consider the Joie Crosster.

  • Excellent stability
  • Comfort even for an older child and even on longer walks
  • Maneuvrable, agile
  • Combines the advantages of a three- and a four-wheeler
  • Even given its rather robust size, it's compact enough
  • Multiple accessories in different colors and designs
  • It's one of the heavier ones

A robust stroller suitable for longer walks and even for harsh terrain. We tried different strollers from all the price ranges, and this is still a winner, even after 12 years, expecting my third now.

  • sturdy chassis
  • good to push
  • all-terrain
  • higher weight

A very good pushchair. It tackles any terrain, and it is easy to manipulate... Sturdy chassis!

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