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sidis says:
"A superbly sophisticated design with lots of gadgets"
and gives the Casualplay S4

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  • An array of accessories
  • The carrycot usable in the car instead of a car seat
  • Extras (zipped rain cape, integrated net, ...)
  • Good suspension
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Good all-terrain stroller
  • Expensive spare parts (some hard to find)
  • Stability of the three-wheeler

I was happy with the stroller, even though I had "inherited" it, so it was already used by one baby. The frame cracked, we bought a second one second hand and it was cracked as well (that mom claimed she sent it and it wasn't cracked, maybe in transit, I didn't address it). Also, the wheel locks get destroyed quickly.

The stroller has a superbly sophisticated design with lots of gadgets that have wowed me. It's a three-wheeler and takes some getting used to, especially at curbs or getting on/off the bus.

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