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spelindor says:
"I can say that it still works great and since my techie critical husband praises it, that's saying something"
and gives the Casualplay S4

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  • Stroller growing with the child (and our baby is large enough)
  • Durable and high quality materials
  • Easy handling (I'm not a manual type, but mechanically it is easy to move and does not shake)
  • For all terrains
  • Easy rotation of the wheels
  • Design
  • Storage space (removable, washable)
  • Higher weight of the frame

Our first and so far last stroller, which is for the mountains and the city. We used it in parks and on nature trails.

It can carry a lot - shopping, parcels, mum's bit and pieces - a huge storage space and even under the hood you can fit jackets and toys.

The baby is secure in it, when the child looks out and gets tilted to the side, the stroller stands firmly. Mechanisms and accessories can be easily attached, through the top canopy mom can check the condition of the baby. The design for me is very nice - a simple colour (I think they have also coloured versions) combination of blue-marine and black. Brake and suspension fantastic (words of my man), a big plus. For us, pluses were also easy maintenance and variability of materials. From original accessories I bought only a footmuff and a liner for the summer.

We bought the stroller pre-owned, used with 2 children and a mother who took excellent care of it. We bought it with the idea that we will see, we will buy a better one in time, but I will not give it away even for a buggy. We have changed 1 inner tube (in all the time we have had it) and fixed the brake that slipped off the attachment. I can say that it still works great and since my techie critical husband praises it, that's saying something. Even though it's not for running, I've run with it a couple of times, I've even pushed my little one on a longboard holding the massive handle. And it is necessary to highlight the 3in1 system, the car seat lasted us until 8-9 months with a baby larger for its age. Fuss-free, and with elegant accessories.

I'm not looking forward to giving it to someone - and yes, if I had to buy a new one, it would be worth it.

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