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I have a second hand piece, used at my grandmother's as a second stroller. The basinet is totally cool :-) I wasn't too thrilled with the seat unit, but it's good for sleeping and I use it. I find it's better for bigger babies than tiny tots.



A superb pram.

My son always sleeps well there

  • Big wheels
  • Large sleeping area
  • Good manoeuvrability
  • Poor compactness
  • Fabric basket
  • Short canopy
  • A bit hard, suspension-wise

We have a stroller as a spare at my parents' place. We use the seat part. I praise the large sleeping area - it is top, my son always sleeps well there ;-)

Great quality and handling


Great quality and handling. Italian quality and possibilities of variation.

  • Good wheels
  • decent suspension
  • Big spacious cot for lying down the baby
  • Front of the cot cover can be lifted and has bug net for some extra breeze
  • Feels sturdy
  • Front wheel can rotate or lock
  • Car seat in a lying down position when on stroller
  • Quite heavy
  • Takes up all the trunk space when cot is added (bmw 2 trunk)
  • Car seat seems quite uncomfortable and warm for baby
  • Car seat has only 3 point strapping mechanism
  • Shading on cot and car seat is small

I like this stroller, feels robust and handles forest paths well. The car seat is probably it's biggest drawback. We got this second hand at quarter the price. Otherwise, I'd probably rank it lower.

I wouldn't want it anymore

  • The car seat and carrycot clicked in well
  • Poorly cushioned
  • The three wheeler didn't fit me
  • Seat unit uncomfortable for the child

I wouldn't want it anymore 😖

I wanted a three-wheeler and until I had it, I thought it will be absolutely great. It wasn't until it was in practical use that I found out it wasn't.

The bassinet and the car seat are absolutely great, I don't have a single reservation, everything is maximum satisfaction. But the seat unit is a total failure, inappropriate size, unused space, just horrible. The stroller left out flat and was replaced by an X-lander.

I really don't recommend it

  • price
  • tips over
  • does not have good suspension
  • does not handle well

I really don't recommend this pram. The baby is just squashed in it, the plastic squeaks all the time, it doesn't handle well, and it tips over in turns.

I'd never get it again

  • Easy to attach the bassinet and car seat
  • Unstable
  • Poor suspension
  • Impractical seat

I'd never get it again.

The stroller I had was an "honest oldschool production" pram, as it was a second-hand stroller that I inherited after being used by two kids and mine was the third one to ride in it.

The bassinet is roomy, my son really did ride in it until he sat in it by HIMSELF, so the transition to the pushchair was at about 8/9 months when the baby is stable and big enough to sit in the seat. If someone puts a baby in a pushchair before the baby is able to sit up on their own, then yes, the baby will not be stable in any pushchair.

For me, a great stroller, whether it's its one-handed control - compared to 4-wheeled strollers, I really managed to control this one with one hand, it's good to roll out even in a small place in public transport, shop, etc.

Most of the time we rode in the countryside, it went a good 6-7 km every day... As for uneven surfaces like snow, gravel forest paths, I definitely pushed it with less effort than 4-wheeled strollers like Baby Desing or Britax.

The backrest/calf rest adjustment held up too - my son slept a lot in the stroller, had plenty of room even in the winter with a foot muff. You don't have to pull the baby up high in the stroller, it learns to get in by himself very soon, just unlatch one side of the belly bar.

The fabric hasn't faded really even after the years. The whole stroller fabrics can be taken down again and washed. Even the harness can be split and can be used without shoulder straps.

The original raincoat really protects from the rain (when you drive the 5-6 km home in the rain, you will know if the raincoat protects or not...).

The only downside might be the design of the canopy.

  • large, spacious bassinet that can be used in the car with the autokit accessory
  • inclinable bassinet backrest
  • pull-off parts on the underside of the bassinet that allow you to transform it into a rocking crib
  • large seat with a tall backrest and a long seat surface
  • easily clicking off wheels
  • easy click system to attach/detach the car seat, bassinet or seat unit
  • easy folding
  • adjustable push bar
  • sturdy frame
  • nice basket capacity
  • all fabrics can be removed and washed
  • no rocking-frame option

To me, an excellent, sturdy pram great for terrain as well as the city. I bought it more than once! pre-owned. The large wheels I appreciated in the winter, when there was snow - but also on terrain, forest, and dirt roads.

The bassinet is large and roomy, no problem fitting a 6mo in a winter footmuff. I loved the inclinable backrest there, I could put my baby higher up if needed. The autokit option was perfect for us, as our family is 100 km away from us, so the baby sleeps comfortably in there the whole time (it never liked being in a normal car seat capsule).

The seat is also large and spacious, with a tall and reclinable seat back; no problem for a larger toddler to nap in.

I liked that the wheels can click off easily and the chassis folds more compactly then. I believe that this pram, with regular maintenance, can be used for multiple children.

  • Carrycot can be used in the car instead of a car seat (with the kit)
  • Incline in the carrycot + rocking of the base of the carrycot
  • Folds with the seat unit in both directions of travel
  • No need for any special maintenance, we only inflated the wheels occasionally
  • Tackles any terrain
  • Numerous accessories included
  • Lay-flat seat
  • Spacious
  • Compact
  • Indestructible
  • No individual leg rest adjustment
  • Canopy on the seat unit is thin
  • Higher weight

I really wanted this pram. We used it for a very long time - the carrycot, the car seat, the seat unit, all of it. It's large, spacious. The canopy doesn't extend, however, but it's longer than you'd expect, and so the coverage is fine. I found it compact enough, no problem to load it in the car, fuss-free manipulation can be put apart easily... My son liked to be in it as well; he slept in it comfortably up to his 2.5 years - there was plenty of space for him.

  • for any kind of terrain
  • we used it a very long time

An absolute top for me. Its a model for those mommies that regularly go through challenging terrains. :-)

A fantastic 3in1 stroller system!!! We are sooo happy with it, and we even bought it pre-loved!

  • Large, inclinable carrycot
  • Spacious seat unit
  • Large wheels for every terrain
  • The seat unit adjusts as a whole (when you recline the backrest, the leg rest goes up automatically)

A very good stroller. Perfect, if you don't need to fold it much.

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