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plch_plch says:
"The only downside might be the design of the canopy."
and gives the Cam Cortina X3 Tris Evolution

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The stroller I had was an "honest oldschool production" pram, as it was a second-hand stroller that I inherited after being used by two kids and mine was the third one to ride in it.

The bassinet is roomy, my son really did ride in it until he sat in it by HIMSELF, so the transition to the pushchair was at about 8/9 months when the baby is stable and big enough to sit in the seat. If someone puts a baby in a pushchair before the baby is able to sit up on their own, then yes, the baby will not be stable in any pushchair.

For me, a great stroller, whether it's its one-handed control - compared to 4-wheeled strollers, I really managed to control this one with one hand, it's good to roll out even in a small place in public transport, shop, etc.

Most of the time we rode in the countryside, it went a good 6-7 km every day... As for uneven surfaces like snow, gravel forest paths, I definitely pushed it with less effort than 4-wheeled strollers like Baby Desing or Britax.

The backrest/calf rest adjustment held up too - my son slept a lot in the stroller, had plenty of room even in the winter with a foot muff. You don't have to pull the baby up high in the stroller, it learns to get in by himself very soon, just unlatch one side of the belly bar.

The fabric hasn't faded really even after the years. The whole stroller fabrics can be taken down again and washed. Even the harness can be split and can be used without shoulder straps.

The original raincoat really protects from the rain (when you drive the 5-6 km home in the rain, you will know if the raincoat protects or not...).

The only downside might be the design of the canopy.

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