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Amazing stroller. Easy to handle, lightweight.

The coolest stroller we've ever had


The coolest stroller we've ever had. Even fully loaded it pushed so easily.

  • large basket
  • solid chassis
  • easy manoeuvring
  • because of the handle we did not always fit in the trunk
  • sturdy chassis also weighs something
  • the mechanical brake in my version is not well thought out - it would have wanted something more intelligent and safer

I love this stroller and thanks to its features I have never had to change for another one. The upgraded versions of Britax are really detailed - my version still has some flaws, but it is very good. Solid chassis that doesn't squeak after a couple of months.


  • Light
  • Foldable
  • Functional
  • Variable
  • The seat part cannot be put into complete lie-flat

Excellent - foldable, lightweight and practical stroller.

A beautiful, reliable stroller

  • Foldability
  • Spacious carrycot and seat
  • Suspension
  • Spacious basket
  • Design
  • Parent handle positioning
  • Both carrycot and seat can be facing both directions
  • I would like to see a larger canopy extension
  • Handling of the child bar on the seat

I find the Brio Go to be a beautiful, reliable stroller. I appreciate its storage space and spaciousness.

The suspension system and parent handle positioning are also invaluable. It will go over just about any terrain. My only criticism would be that I find it more difficult to detach the child bumper bar on the seat unit, and that the canopy cannot be as extended as on newer models. Of course, that's then about the price and that played a bigger role for me.

I am using it for my second child already, and I wouldn't change it.

I wouldn't change it for any other


Best carriage. Spacious, light, excellent handling, very easy to fold... I wouldn't change it for any other.

I can't think of any disadvantages


Comfortable, easy to push, great to ride and stable. The seat can be turned both in the direction and against the direction of travel. Great spacious basket, good wheels (previous stroller had inflatable and I punctured them so many times at the least convenient time)... I can't think of any disadvantages.

The little one likes it too

  • Compactness
  • Maintenance
  • Carry cot size
  • Handle adjustment
  • Suspension
  • No visor on the canopy
  • Width of the frame

I am happy with the pram 🙂 The little one likes it too. The biggest shortcoming I see in the canopy on the cot. It could be longer or have a visor. On the new models there is already one 😉

  • huge basket
  • easy handling
  • long carrycot
  • easy folding
  • beautiful design
  • wide selection of accessories

An absolutely fantastic stroller. Lightweight, spacious, with a huge basket that can take everything - a large purchase and a baby bouncer at the same time, plus for my older son's skate. Highly recommended. :-)

  • Large/spacious
  • Easy to push
  • Easy to disassemble (for washing)
  • For all seasons
  • I have nothing

Probably the best pram I've had the opportunity to push so far.

This stroller was simply TOP of the line, definitely recommended. Although I didn't like the design very much, I was very satisfied and used it with both children.

  • huge basket (fits a bouncer - we have a Puky running bike, also the big Ikea 2-piece potty)
  • practical extended handle - I can fit a board for my older daughter behind the stroller and she doesn't mind because it's long enough
  • it copes well with the uneven terrain of playgrounds and forest paths, it climbs curbs well and I have no problem walking up the stairs (it just takes some practice because of the weight and the suspension) - it is also not a problem to get on public transport (but it takes practice because of the higher weight)
  • the child belly bar is also adjustable
  • reversible seat
  • high quality plastic and foot cover
  • short canopy - I solved it with a sewn-in visor both on the carrycot and on the seat
  • large and heavy - takes up a lot of space in the trunk
  • I miss a better positioned window on the canopy (for checking on the baby), but it can be done with the unzippered part in the middle of the roof
  • not a lie-flat seat - easy solution: you can buy or tailor-make the lie-flat extension, it's a great thing

I bought this stroller 2nd hand and have no regrets. It's great, that is, when 2 corrections are made - extending the leg to a lie-flat position, and making sewing on a sun visor on the roof = i.e., when you make it a Britax Go Big 😃

We also had the stroller on holiday in Croatia and it is amazing!!! Everything (and we carried a lot of stuff to the beach, every day) fits, nothing was carried in the hands, only 1 older (3.5 year old) daughter was holding my hand 🙂 We had it quite far to the beach - 15 minutes by foot, so it is a great help that it saved our hands and backs. It rides great on pebbles and sand (we walked on the back wheels - we pulled it behind us and it really went everywhere without problems). I'm going to put in a few mesh ventilation part, and then it will be completely ready for warm days.

I love this stroller, I like the design very much and functionally it is maximally practical - it goes through any terrain, good on curbs, great suspension, huge basket, my husband always praises the long handle bar, that finally he's behind a stroller all hunched forward...

I am very sorry that I bought this stroller only now, because it is excellent. It has already survived with us and everything still works, and it looks like it will last a long time, even though it is not new anymore.

  • Spacious carrycot
  • Easy folding
  • Each part can be clicked on
  • The seat part cannot be put into full lie flat
  • Short canopy on the seat

A superb stroller. I used it to the fullest. My daughter still fit in the carrycot when she was exactly a year old.

It has survived everything

  • Large basket
  • Comfortable for baby
  • Tall
  • Adjustable
  • Difficult to fold
  • Stains left after cleaning
  • Heavy

It has survived everything, journeys on broken paths, through the woods... But the wheels are quickly worn off and it's quite heavy. When I had to take him on the bus, it was hard.

Perfect drive in the city as well as in nature

  • Bassinet's spacious
  • Car seat can be attached with adapters - adapters for Brio then also for Maxi Cosi as well
  • Reversible seat
  • Adjustable seatback, leg rest
  • Bumper bar, a viewing window in the hood
  • All-terrain fixed wheel option, abroad there were even skis available to purchase
  • Very large, roomy basket that can take even a running bike in there
  • Adjustable push bar for the parent

A stylish, timeless pram. A perfect drive in the city as well as in nature. Quality fabrics, finishes and materials.

  • Extra large bassinet and seat
  • The seat can be clicked on in both directions
  • Fantastically cushioned! Dampens uneven pavements
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Reclining position
  • Spacious shopping basket
  • Great quality materials and long service life
  • Easy handling and folding
  • Adjustable handle, suitable for shorter and taller parents
  • Due to the materials used, more weight (you will feel it especially when loading the stroller into the trunk ;-) )

We bought the stroller in 2011 and are still using it (summer 2020). 5 children from our family have already grown up in it, and soon the sixth will ride in it. This is a testament to its very good quality, it will outlast just about everything - from babies to kindergarteners. So the initial investment is definitely worth it! And for those of you considering buying a ridden one - you also have nothing to worry about :-)

Probably the best stroller technically

  • polohování sportovní sedačky - nic moc mechanismus (popruhy se sponou, která u mnohých praská)
  • plastové vyztužení zad v sedačce - u mnohých praská - řešení je vyměnit za dřevěnou desku
  • nemožnost sedačku položit do úplného lehu - ale to je maličkost, myslím, že i tak je dost v lehu a pohodlný
  • menší přední kolečka nejsou úplně ideální do většího terénu a tím, že jsou pěnová - sice se nedají píchnout, ale jízda je tvrdší a nevypadají moc dobře po nějaké době používání - ojezdí se, zapíchají se do nich malé kamínky; ale funkční jsou stále stejně dobře
  • gumová rukojeť se často brzy ošoupe, popraská - maličkost, jde řešit návlekem

An absolutely great stroller. It has a few downsides, it's an older version - Britax Go Next or even better Britax Go Big are a bit more fancy (now I would definitely get a Go Big...). For me, probably the best stroller technically. Absolutely super full-suspension design, great storage, foldable... huge storage basket.

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