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bulenka says:
"I am very sorry that I bought this stroller only now, because it is excellent"
and gives the Brio Go

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  • huge basket (fits a bouncer - we have a Puky running bike, also the big Ikea 2-piece potty)
  • practical extended handle - I can fit a board for my older daughter behind the stroller and she doesn't mind because it's long enough
  • it copes well with the uneven terrain of playgrounds and forest paths, it climbs curbs well and I have no problem walking up the stairs (it just takes some practice because of the weight and the suspension) - it is also not a problem to get on public transport (but it takes practice because of the higher weight)
  • the child belly bar is also adjustable
  • reversible seat
  • high quality plastic and foot cover
  • short canopy - I solved it with a sewn-in visor both on the carrycot and on the seat
  • large and heavy - takes up a lot of space in the trunk
  • I miss a better positioned window on the canopy (for checking on the baby), but it can be done with the unzippered part in the middle of the roof
  • not a lie-flat seat - easy solution: you can buy or tailor-make the lie-flat extension, it's a great thing

I bought this stroller 2nd hand and have no regrets. It's great, that is, when 2 corrections are made - extending the leg to a lie-flat position, and making sewing on a sun visor on the roof = i.e., when you make it a Britax Go Big 😃

We also had the stroller on holiday in Croatia and it is amazing!!! Everything (and we carried a lot of stuff to the beach, every day) fits, nothing was carried in the hands, only 1 older (3.5 year old) daughter was holding my hand 🙂 We had it quite far to the beach - 15 minutes by foot, so it is a great help that it saved our hands and backs. It rides great on pebbles and sand (we walked on the back wheels - we pulled it behind us and it really went everywhere without problems). I'm going to put in a few mesh ventilation part, and then it will be completely ready for warm days.

I love this stroller, I like the design very much and functionally it is maximally practical - it goes through any terrain, good on curbs, great suspension, huge basket, my husband always praises the long handle bar, that finally he's behind a stroller all hunched forward...

I am very sorry that I bought this stroller only now, because it is excellent. It has already survived with us and everything still works, and it looks like it will last a long time, even though it is not new anymore.

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