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X-Lander strollers

55 parent reviews

X-Lander is a Polish brand, currently a part of the Deltim company, that was founded by Mieczysław Machur more than a decade ago. Despite the fact that X-Lander products are made in Poland, the brand is typical with Dutch design and unique aesthetics for active parents. Inspired by the environment of its origin, which is surrounded by nature, X-Lander strollers can handle even a more demanding terrain - an example being the iconic X-Run or the versatile X-Move. Over the years, X-Lander added urban models like the X-Pulse and the X-Cite to their portfolio. In the Czech Republic, 2012 to 2015, based on the votes from real users, X-Lander was awarded three times with the ‘Česká Mama’ (Czech Mom) award and became the most popular stroller brand in the Czech Republic.