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Jané strollers

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A first stroller of the Spanish Jané brand was introduced to the market in 1932. The stroller was created by Manel Jané Vidal, encouraged by his dad, locksmith Ramón Jané Caúm, for his little son. The stroller was a hit with neighbors as well as in shops in Barcelona, where Manel sent a few of them. Since then, Jané (originally a locksmith company) began to make folding strollers for children. The current portfolio of the company offers a wide range of childcare products. Together with brands Concord, Be Cool and Nurse, Jane belongs to global Jané Group.

Jané strollers are well-known for their dynamic design, high quality and smooth handling in and out the city. Apart from the popular urban Muum or the more compact Minnum, there is the versatile Rider, the three-wheeler Trider or the all-terrain Crosswalk. These strollers are compatible with various carrycots and car seats, enabling you to create a stroller system depending on your needs. In 2018, Jané launched the ultra-compact Rocket, a great solution for travels. With parents of twins in their mind, Jané offers a number of tandem strollers too - one of them being the long-time favorite Powertwin Pro.

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