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Concord strollers

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German brand Concord was founded in 1978 by Heinz-Joachim Kaufmann – the founder of the brand Storchenmühle. Nowadays, Concord belongs under the Spanish giant Jané. Since the very beginning, Concord is producing car seats that are from 1998 adjustable. In 2007, the Fusion - the first Concord stroller was launched with immediate success. The Fusion could take a carrycot, and thus, the concept of travel system was born. A year later, the Neo was introduced. This designer stroller featuring a modern, compact chassis became a flagship of the brand. Since the introduction, the Neo went through many modifications and improvements. Even today, the Neo is still a relevant and parents’ favorite stroller. Concord strollers, such as the Quix.Plus umbrella stroller or the versatile, modular Camino that has replaced the original Wanderer, are boasting with original, functional, dynamic design and bold color schemes.