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I love many many aspects of it

  • Bassinet is a lovely size
  • If you click both sides individually you can then lift the bassinet off one handed and there is a lovely carry handle to do so
  • You can use the bassinet for overnight sleeps, I used this a few times when I wanted to put her somewhere safe while I napped downstairs. We also used it for a couple of trips away instead of taking a travel cot
  • The suspension is fab and it's a great off road pram. The front wheels lock which make it easier if on rocky terrain
  • The hood is huge and one of the best features. Both on the bassinet and the seat. Had many people ask about this when out and about - blacks out the pram for naptimes and is 50spf fabric
  • Customer service is fab and I had a problem with my break which was sorted quickly
  • The straps on the seat aren't removable and on the one I bought these were cream so not the most practical
  • The seat doesn't sit up that straight so as they get older and want to be more inclined, they can't, it's still quite laid back at it's highest position

My little girl is now 20 months and we have had this pram since birth. I love many many aspects of it which I will detail below.

People are saying that you can't fold the pram base and seat together, you can... You just have to have the seat facing the world as opposed to facing the parent. Then they fold perfectly together.

  • Nice to drive
  • Stable
  • Large canopy
  • Large bassinet
  • Large basket
  • Handles light-ish terrain
  • Telescopic handle
  • Nice design
  • Bulky
  • Pebbles get stuck in the wheels
  • Poor access to the basket
  • Leg rest cannot be adjusted to a totally flat position
  • The window lets the wind blow in and gets open all the time
  • After a few months the brake started to jam
  • Crappy strap change system on the seat unit

The stroller is really nice and easy to handle. It is not heavy. Telescopic handle is great especially for tall daddies. Overall the stroller doesn't feel toy-like even with my 2-meter guy.

It's not one of the smallest, and it takes up quite a bit of space in the car. The bassinet does fold flat, but I cannnot see how someone will do that every time as it is a bit of work. The bassinet is large and roomy, great for a fall or winter baby. However, mine sloped on the side of the canopy towards the ground, I had to pad out the mattress under the head to keep it level. I don't know if I had a defective piece, I didn't want to claim the warranty however.

I got the 2019 version, so the sport part folds flat, not as an anatomically-shaped bucket seat. It's quite roomy = bulky, which can be a disadvantage, e.g. in the bus if the baby is sleeping. The handle doesn't fold completely down, so I'm always pretty much sticking out into the space so I have to stand sideways.

When I switched to the seat unit, I needed to switch the straps to the lower openings. But that was so hard, first checking the instructions on how to do it at all, and the actual removal and throwing on was a shock, it's terribly tightly inserted, the frame of the backrest is in there... I spent about an hour doing it.

What started bothering me after a while is the small space between the bassinet and the basket - it's tricky to get a bigger shopping bag in there, it only goes well from the backrest side if the baby is sitting in the seat. If he is lying down (or in a bassinet) it's really tight. I'm also annoyed that the wind blows the window open (or the piece of fabric that covers it), there's no button or velcro to hold it in. Sure, it can be sewn.

Overall, though, I'm happy, it will go over almost any terrain - we've been walking in a meadow, even, and it handled it.

  • Large carrycot
  • The carrycot can be folded flat, does not take up much space when it needs to be stored for longer
  • Large canopies on both the carrycot and the seat
  • The seat goes into a full reclining position
  • Suspension
  • Suitable for tall parents (3 handle positions), positions can be changed comfortably with one hand
  • Can handles rough terrain
  • Possibility to use the isofix base with the car seat
  • Colour fastness (I have seen much more expensive strollers that looked awful after 1 year if the colour was darker)
  • The brake started to jam
  • The carrycot tilted as if a bit upside down
  • Bath on the construction rocked with any bumps on the road
  • The chassis, unless it is properly loaded, squeaks
  • Poor access to adjusting the height of the belts on the seat

We chose the stroller because of its big carrycot, since my husband and I are not tiny, we expected the stroller to be one of the bigger ones, which it was. Our son lasted almost 6 months in the carrycot. He was born at the beginning of summer and in winter he didn't fit in there with a thick cosytoes, without a cosytoes he could have ridden for 7 months, I think.

Another big plus for us was the telescopic handle bar, my husband is 2 meters tall and the height of the handle was really comfortable for him, it's a stroller definitely suitable for taller parents.

The basket is also nice - big, but I had some mixed feelings about the bar that goes through the middle. In the end it didn't get in the way, it was rather handy when we carry the baby carrier in there, so that I can tuck it under and it doesn't stick out so much.

We have a 3in1 combination also with the car seat, here I rate as a big plus that it is possible to buy an isofix base and the carseat can be just clicked on and not bother with the car safety belt. But with the car seat I would have liked to see the belts moved one position higher in the back (there are 2 positions), because he had them pretty close behind his back and then they seemed to slide down from his shoulders.

I was slightly disappointed with the carrycot. It was big, but it had a weird slope, and it bunched down at the head. Although it didn't bother the baby very much, the mattress was higher under his head, so that probably compensated for it. It also moved on the chassis a lot, as if it was swinging, which also surprised me unpleasantly. The canopy was great, large, it just jerked a bit when it folded down. In the first few months the little one was able to wake up immediately to any sound and movement, so it woke him up a couple of times. Also the frame, which squeaked in the tight joints. The squeaking was better or absent when the stroller was heavily loaded (e.g. when the changing bag was packed or when the little one gradually grew and got heavier).

In the pushchair part I was struck by the very poor access to the belt buckles when I wanted to put them in a different position on the backrest. It's hidden under the fabric and yet the metal part that needs to be pulled to position the backrest goes through them. The actual positioning was not always the easiest either. On the other hand, I find the seat unit spacious enough. And it goes into a full lie flat recline. Just like the carrycot, it has a huge roof.

We had no problem with the stroller even on rough terrain, we walked on dirt roads and had no problems at all. The back wheels are big, so I was able to go up and down the stairs with it. From time to time some pebbles got stuck in the wheels, but it was nothing terrible, I got it out with my foot and the problem was over. But after a while the brake started to jam. It was usable and functional, it was just that you had to find the position of the wheelchair where you could push it down, so we were struggling with it from time to time.

To sum it up, we chose the stroller for the big carrycot, the long seat surface area of the pushchair, the sprung wheels to handle some lighter terrain, and to be suitable for tall parents as well. I didn't want inflatable wheels or rattling plastic wheels. It did all of these things, but after using it, I know I would definitely look around for something else.

  • value for the price
  • car seat
  • roomy carrycot
  • roomy seat
  • large hoods
  • roomy basket
  • suspension
  • tall parents suitability
  • thin hood fabric
  • bar in the basket
  • frame folded size

I got convinced by this one for the suspension (sooo nice), larger wheels and the whole frame (me and my hubby are both tall), and the storage underneath. I must say I still love those - just sorry there's the bar in the basket that makes it a liiittle but less accessible than I'd like.

Good things I have to mention, too, are also the roomy carrycot 👍 with a huge hood, a roomy seat as well 👍 with maybe a bit less elaborate recline mechanism, and also a huge hood (could be thicker, though), and the overall sleek look.

What I mind after 20 months of use is that the frame is not the most compact, to be honest, even if maybe not the largest (I remember trying different things in the shop and this seemed small, compared to many others).

I do recommend the matching car seat, it was nice and it lasted us about 10 months of age - then we swapped for a 0-18 kg category. The price for it was really very nice.

Incredible quality for such a price

  • Large bassinet
  • Large seat unit
  • Extendable canopy
  • Adjustable pushbar, good for tall parents
  • The brake is near a wheel, not in the middle of the bar, so it's not in the way
  • Nice design
  • No color fading
  • Sturdy aluminum chassis
  • Not a hard plastic and also no punctures on the wheels 👍
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • The brake gets stuck sometimes, you need to find the right position
  • The harness adjustment is not the easiest

I recommend it, there are a few downsides but otherwise, it suits us very much. I think it's incredible quality for such a price.

My personal opinion is that it's a success. I don't find it too heavy nor too bulky. Most stroller systems fold only after removing the seat unit (chassis separately)- I don't see that as a minus of this one. The only minus, however, are the accessories - after paying quite a lot for a 2in1 set, one would expect at least a rain cover or a mosquito net to be included, but no - you need to buy everything separately.

  • Spacious
  • Easy to push
  • 25 kg weight limit
  • Great in the city
  • Little harder ride on harsh terrain
  • Two-piece fold - no folding with the seat attached

It's a little robust and heavy for my taste, but anyway, it's excellent. The bassinet is spacious - my daughter used it up to her seven months. The seat unit was also good for me... And the large basket, beautiful design... We had the 2018 model.

The quality of this stroller is good. However, it is heavy. It is made of two parts that are folded separately, which is very impractical in a small car. The seat unit has a very wobbly canopy. The leg rest cannot be put in a horizontal position. I also feel it is pretty small for a big kid.

  • Telescopic handlebar
  • Suspension
  • Spacious
  • Large hood
  • Easy manipulation
  • Nice design
  • Sturdy chassis
  • For all terrains
  • Leather bumper and handlebar
  • Large shopping basket
  • The seat unit cannot be folded together with the chassis

It is an excellent stroller. Nice, good quality, suitable for every terrain, affordable price. The only disadvantage is the fact that the seat unit cannot be folded together with the chassis - however, this is very common for a majority of stroller systems

  • Spacious bassinet
  • Large canopy
  • Sturdy
  • Big wheels
  • Great maneuverability
  • Bucket-type seat of the 2018 model
  • Cannot be folded in one piece

Excellent pram for a winter baby. Spacious carrycot, large canopy, big wheels, suspension system is there...

My daughter could fit in the carrycot until she was 8 months old. The chassis is quite sturdy. The comfortable leather handlebar is height adjustable. This pram is suitable for tall parents and is easy to maneuver.

My 2018 model has a bucket-type seat, which I am not a big fan of. The 2019 version already has a seat with a lie-flat position. However, the folding is still the same; the chassis and the seat have to be removed and stored separately. Only due to this reason I had to cut 2 points. Otherwise, it is a quality pram for an affordable price.

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