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Holly says:
"I love many many aspects of it"
and gives the ABC Design Salsa 4

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I love many many aspects of it

  • Bassinet is a lovely size
  • If you click both sides individually you can then lift the bassinet off one handed and there is a lovely carry handle to do so
  • You can use the bassinet for overnight sleeps, I used this a few times when I wanted to put her somewhere safe while I napped downstairs. We also used it for a couple of trips away instead of taking a travel cot
  • The suspension is fab and it's a great off road pram. The front wheels lock which make it easier if on rocky terrain
  • The hood is huge and one of the best features. Both on the bassinet and the seat. Had many people ask about this when out and about - blacks out the pram for naptimes and is 50spf fabric
  • Customer service is fab and I had a problem with my break which was sorted quickly
  • The straps on the seat aren't removable and on the one I bought these were cream so not the most practical
  • The seat doesn't sit up that straight so as they get older and want to be more inclined, they can't, it's still quite laid back at it's highest position

My little girl is now 20 months and we have had this pram since birth. I love many many aspects of it which I will detail below.

People are saying that you can't fold the pram base and seat together, you can... You just have to have the seat facing the world as opposed to facing the parent. Then they fold perfectly together.

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