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havr says:
"The stroller doesn't feel toy-like even with my 2-meter guy"
and gives the ABC Design Salsa 4

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  • Nice to drive
  • Stable
  • Large canopy
  • Large bassinet
  • Large basket
  • Handles light-ish terrain
  • Telescopic handle
  • Nice design
  • Bulky
  • Pebbles get stuck in the wheels
  • Poor access to the basket
  • Leg rest cannot be adjusted to a totally flat position
  • The window lets the wind blow in and gets open all the time
  • After a few months the brake started to jam
  • Crappy strap change system on the seat unit

The stroller is really nice and easy to handle. It is not heavy. Telescopic handle is great especially for tall daddies. Overall the stroller doesn't feel toy-like even with my 2-meter guy.

It's not one of the smallest, and it takes up quite a bit of space in the car. The bassinet does fold flat, but I cannnot see how someone will do that every time as it is a bit of work. The bassinet is large and roomy, great for a fall or winter baby. However, mine sloped on the side of the canopy towards the ground, I had to pad out the mattress under the head to keep it level. I don't know if I had a defective piece, I didn't want to claim the warranty however.

I got the 2019 version, so the sport part folds flat, not as an anatomically-shaped bucket seat. It's quite roomy = bulky, which can be a disadvantage, e.g. in the bus if the baby is sleeping. The handle doesn't fold completely down, so I'm always pretty much sticking out into the space so I have to stand sideways.

When I switched to the seat unit, I needed to switch the straps to the lower openings. But that was so hard, first checking the instructions on how to do it at all, and the actual removal and throwing on was a shock, it's terribly tightly inserted, the frame of the backrest is in there... I spent about an hour doing it.

What started bothering me after a while is the small space between the bassinet and the basket - it's tricky to get a bigger shopping bag in there, it only goes well from the backrest side if the baby is sitting in the seat. If he is lying down (or in a bassinet) it's really tight. I'm also annoyed that the wind blows the window open (or the piece of fabric that covers it), there's no button or velcro to hold it in. Sure, it can be sewn.

Overall, though, I'm happy, it will go over almost any terrain - we've been walking in a meadow, even, and it handled it.

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