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Really a designer pram

  • Height-adjustable seating
  • Design
  • Parent handle very comfortable
  • Possibility to change kits and customise the stroller
  • Feeling unstable especially when going on/off the curb
  • When the child is in the direction of travel the seat can only be adjusted in 2 positions
  • Weight

The pram is really a designer one. The parental handle is very comfortable - also because it can be so freely adjusted. I liked that the height of the seat can be adjusted for the child. The possibility to change the kits was also great.

It was, however, hard to get up and down from the curb and my girl was only about 6kg, so I can't imagine it with a heavier baby.

Shaky and small


A shaky and small pram, I was not happy with it at all.

Not spacious enough seat

  • Lightweight
  • Not spacious enough seat
  • No suspension
  • No storage basket
  • Many steps for folding
  • The bar between the baby's legs did not allow covering with a blanket

I had it for a month while our stroller was in complaint because of the straps.

Great satisfaction

  • practical
  • sturdy
  • variable
  • a lot of accessories
  • rides almost by itself
  • can be washed completely
  • the textile dries quickly (dark blue)
  • does not work in rocky terrain

Great satisfaction, see advantages and disadvantages.

I was extremely satisfied


I was extremely satisfied with it 😊

Just great, great, great


I loved it 😁❀️ If I happen to have another baby, I would definitely buy this brand again, but I might try a different option. For me, just great, great, great πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

I wouldn't change it


A really good pushchair. The carrycot is spacious, the seat part is just right - the little one is two and a half years old and we still use it, and she even sleeps in it... I wouldn't change it.

Really happy with this pram


I was really happy with this pram ✊🏻

  • It loos pretty
  • Larger bassinet
  • Disastrous foam wheels
  • Can't handle terrain at all
  • Walking around the garden with it, impossible

For a mall, to show off with this one, yes... for any normal use, this stroller is a no.

Many colour combinations

  • Large carrycot
  • Large seat
  • Positioning of the car seat
  • Covers, large selection of accessories
  • Multiple-piece fold (seat unit)
  • Hard (no suspension)

Many colour combinations; winter, summer covers.

I would definitely buy it again

  • Light
  • A lot of accessories available
  • A lot of plastics, which is NOT eco

I was very satisfied with the Stokke Xplory. Lightweight frame, reclining seat - up to full recline, adjustable and height regulated handle. Surprisingly, it handled the bad terrain in front of our house, where there is not yet a road (so pits everywhere), well. I would definitely buy it again if I ever need it again ;-)

The seat from Stokke is the best

  • Easy steering
  • Seat fits also other Stokke model(s)
  • A lot of accessories
  • Design
  • Small storage space
  • No full recline when the child is facing the street and randomly falls asleep

For me πŸ‘πŸ» Easy to steer. The seat from Stokke is the best for me – spacious, with kits option to change it up, a looot of accessories.

A great stroller


The best stroller for my first daughter (I had the opportunity to try 6 of them), truly a heart thing. I am planning to go back to it now with my second baby, but probably to a newer model. The stroller really didn't lack anything - it was already really fancy 7 years ago. I didn't have the carrycot though, just the pushchair. I rate it as a great stroller.

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