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The hood wants to keep folding down.


I love the Spirit. But having trouble with the hood. It wants to keep folding down.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Quick fold
  • All above pointed out

It’s cool and lightweight, good for town - not for hills and bumps so much… would be better to have longer canopy especially in the lying position… and seems too small sit area or my baby just too big. Can’t find original accessories and included raincover, it seem like doesn’t even fit properly… It was so easy to manoeuvre but after few months it’s really hard to turn the front wheels which is properly annoying me.

Really loved this pushchair and was expensive too, so was expecting bit more of it, but now just thinking to get another one for my 12month old even though have had it just a few months now.

The wheels are simply fabulous

  • look
  • wheels
  • nice&compact
  • leg rest could be longer

We own the Silver Cross Spirit, and we love it. The wheels are simply fabulous. I highly recommend it.

  • compact
  • pretty
  • quality fabrics
  • small seat
  • not all-terrain
  • expensive

Nice urban "vehicle" for the beginning. I find the seat a bit too short, mainly in the leg rest area. I would guess good for a year and a half, small child maybe two years...

My husband hates how low to the ground it is; he says it looks like a doll pram and also, ho kicks the rear axle (he's tall). I do love the looks, it pushes nicely, but the hood in the reclined position is not covering the baby enough.

Nice, but a bit pricey for what it is


Nice, but a bit pricey for what it is. A beautiful urban stroller for a mum that needs to see her little one. I like the one-hand, compact fold, and it's spacious enough for my boy. Wheels are what I like the most.

  • compactness&fold
  • weight
  • basket
  • ventilation
  • possibility of soft insert carrycot
  • quality (and pretty), thick wheels
  • canopy could be longer, especially while in the lying position
  • not much for harsher terrain, but the occasional bumps are alright

I love how small, lightweight, and compact it is. It seems to me a bit like it's a Cybex Mios ripoff but from a well-established brand as well as very well-made. The people from Silver Cross took a good design and put there something from themselves. Happy about the ventilation backrest, very nice, quality wheels (more robust than the Mios') with suspension, and the larger basket. I don't think one could fit a 22kg child there, but it is spacious enough. I'd also make the canopy even larger, but I'd do the same with the Mios.

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