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All user reviews of Silver Cross Reef

6 parent reviews
  • Absolutely zero
  • Take weeks to return your emails
  • No number to call available
  • Do not understand the concept of customer service
  • And the pram had a known fault of the frame

Avoid this business like the plague.

I purchased a Reef at the BPC expo Canberra. After approx 2 months of use the frame started to collapse. It took over 3 months of back and forth emails, they finally told me it needed to be sent back. They then deemed that by not folding it properly that is why it was faulty, despite the fact it is impossible to fold with the handle up. If they knew their own product they would know this. Anyway, my daughter is now 7 months, I haven't had a functioning pram for over 3 months, and I am $1000 in debt. AVOID.

  • Looks
  • Quality
  • Balance
  • Steering!

Poor quality which is so disappointing. Looks great. Broke early on. Balance poor - hard to get front wheels up kerb when handle low. Suspension poor. Only works on flat pavements.

We are now on our FOURTH replacement chassis

  • Beautiful aesthetic
  • Slick
  • Not clunky
  • AVOID, faulty


Customer service from Tony Kealy, Belfast has been fantastic so far, but I feel I owe it to other parents to review the Silver Cross Reef. We thought long and hard about our pram bundle for our first baby and went for the Reef despite it being one of the most expensive as it looked so beautiful and my family have always had Silver Cross. The pram was a gift from my Mum. Sadly we are now on our FOURTH replacement chassis. The same as multiple other reviews which can be found on John Lewis and other sites, the Reef handle wobbles to the point it feels it will break. After the THIRD replacement, we were assured the fourth was a redesign. We received it last week, and it broke the same way today. I’m so sad as I love the look of this pram, but its design is so poor 😞 I’ll be asking for a refund now and will go with a different brand as have lost faith in the product design and testing process.

  • Manoeuvring
  • Looks
  • Sturdy
  • Folding mechanism
  • Heavy
  • Low wheel base makes it hard to push over any small bump or the curb.
  • Seat is very low to the ground

Disgraceful product by disgraceful company.

Has broken twice in less than 5 months of use. Silver Cross is non contactable. I emailed 7 times and called their stores repeatedly before I finally received a reply. Still waiting since February for a replacement frame and now the hood snapped. DO NOT BUY.

  • Good points:
  • Stylish
  • Nice material
  • Roomy basket
  • Bassinet practical
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Cosy footmuff
  • Bad points:
  • Heavy
  • Difficult to fold and unpredictable mechanisms
  • Difficult to attach stroller seat to chassis
  • Magnetic harness nearly impossible to close with baby in pram - easy when trying in the shop with no baby
  • Hood snapped after 2 weeks of use and was replaced by Silver Cross

Family has always purchased Silver Cross, and when the agreed arrived just in time for new grandchild, there was no contest. The carrycot/bassinet is really good and practical in that it flattens for storing. Comfortable and looks well made and easy to add to the pram chassis.

The stroller however is not so straightforward.

Luxurious-looking with drawbacks

  • looks
  • padding
  • harness (easy and modern!)
  • basket = large, access is neat
  • larger wheels that don't need inflating
  • sunshade on the hood
  • weight
  • larger frame
  • price point
  • shorter calf rest and a seat that overall won't last till the presented 55 lbs
  • not as all-terrain TBH

A very luxurious-looking pram. I love it, but I can see a few drawbacks already. The bassinet sees a bit short so I don't think the baby is going to last there up till the usual 6 months of age. I would probably pick the insert cot if I were to pick again. The seat's calf rest is a bit too short and the footrest is far, so a 1-1.5 years old child will have its feet dangle. And the frame is a bit wide and overall heavy, so even with that flat fold (which is very nice indeed, and one-handed after a few tries), it is not a compact stroller easy to load in your trunk. My last niggle is the all-terrainness, I mean it can go over grass or gravel but it is not a comfort stroller that would do so softly and fuss-free. It is more of a stylish pram that you can show off while tackling bumpy pavements and an occasional dirt road.

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