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Luxurious-looking with drawbacks

  • looks
  • padding
  • harness (easy and modern!)
  • basket = large, access is neat
  • larger wheels that don't need inflating
  • sunshade on the hood
  • weight
  • larger frame
  • price point
  • shorter calf rest and a seat that overall won't last till the presented 55 lbs
  • not as all-terrain TBH

A very luxurious-looking pram. I love it, but I can see a few drawbacks already. The bassinet sees a bit short so I don't think the baby is going to last there up till the usual 6 months of age. I would probably pick the insert cot if I were to pick again. The seat's calf rest is a bit too short and the footrest is far, so a 1-1.5 years old child will have its feet dangle. And the frame is a bit wide and overall heavy, so even with that flat fold (which is very nice indeed, and one-handed after a few tries), it is not a compact stroller easy to load in your trunk. My last niggle is the all-terrainness, I mean it can go over grass or gravel but it is not a comfort stroller that would do so softly and fuss-free. It is more of a stylish pram that you can show off while tackling bumpy pavements and an occasional dirt road.

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