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Putney Mum says:
"We are now on our FOURTH replacement chassis"
and gives the Silver Cross Reef

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  • Beautiful aesthetic
  • Slick
  • Not clunky
  • AVOID, faulty


Customer service from Tony Kealy, Belfast has been fantastic so far, but I feel I owe it to other parents to review the Silver Cross Reef. We thought long and hard about our pram bundle for our first baby and went for the Reef despite it being one of the most expensive as it looked so beautiful and my family have always had Silver Cross. The pram was a gift from my Mum. Sadly we are now on our FOURTH replacement chassis. The same as multiple other reviews which can be found on John Lewis and other sites, the Reef handle wobbles to the point it feels it will break. After the THIRD replacement, we were assured the fourth was a redesign. We received it last week, and it broke the same way today. I’m so sad as I love the look of this pram, but its design is so poor 😞 I’ll be asking for a refund now and will go with a different brand as have lost faith in the product design and testing process.

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