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  • Beautiful fabric
  • Premium feel
  • Easy to dissemble
  • Folds down small but still big for the car
  • Impossible to push up curbs. I thought this was just after my c section but 2 months in it has not improved. The drivability of this pram is 0/10

It is a beautiful design, lovely fabric, but has some design flaws.

  • Look the all black colour way
  • Good space underneath pram
  • Easy to put up and down
  • Foldable bassinet.
  • The wheels are small

Not enjoying this pram at all. Doesn't compare to the old Wayfarer. The wheels are small and I struggle to go over something as insignificant as a hose pipe let alone a curb. Used it 4 times and looking to sell. Will try the Reef with slightly bigger wheels!

  • Design
  • Sun sail – shading fabric
  • No-maintenance wheels covered in rubber
  • Padding, especially for smaller babies
  • Two bassinet options, an insert one and a folding one
  • Suspension is not so bad for an urban model
  • Compact enough for a full featured pushchair that reverses
  • Basket access
  • Tall, telescoping push bar
  • Luxury details
  • Price is high
  • Weight is high
  • Carrycot size - 70 cm internal measurement will last you 4 months AT THE MAXIMUM
  • It is more compact when the seat is parent-faces before folding, but you actually use a world-facing setup more
  • Wheels are not the quietest
  • Short leg rest
  • The seat will last you 2 to three years maximum, depending on how large is your child - no way to put a 22kg (4-5 years old) child in there
  • No accessories in such a high price
  • No colorful options

The price is way too high for such a limited-use stroller. I checked it out thoroughly as I was considering it, but I must say it is not my winner. It looks great but it is not as practical as it is good-looking.

More in pros and cons.

The textiles and the padding are gorgeous. The harness is easy to do. The pillow insert for under the head seems awesome but I see it as impractical a bit, mainly when you want to use a seat liner or your child is not large enough to actually have its head on the pillow. A nice stroller indeed, but not much for terrain. And what actually surprised me is the weight - it weighs much more than the Cybex Mios or the Bugaboo Bee.

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