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Excellent for off-road, rocking


We are happy with it :-) Excellent for off-road, rocking...

Great for city and country


Great for city and country, for worse terrain. No problem so far, just need to inflate the wheels more often.

Large and comfortable carrycot


Large and comfortable carrycot. Great for any terrain. Best buy for me.

So at this time 2 years ago, the stroller came home, I was absolutely thrilled with it and couldn't wait to take our little man in it. :-) Well, it didn't take long (14 days) and I went to the maternity ward 😆 I was very hesitant about the colour and material and finally chose a beige, all leather one. And I really recommend it to everyone. Just wipe with a damp cloth and it's as good as new again - even after 2 years. It rides beautifully, it rocks, and it fits in the trunk too.... for me just great.

Absolute satisfaction in every way

  • Appearance (great design and lots of colour options)
  • Size
  • Practicality
  • Intuitive manipulation
  • 3 in 1 combination
  • Bag, raincoat and mosquito net included
  • Started squeaking after a few weeks, but oiling took care of that!

Absolute satisfaction in every way.

The stroller is lightweight, easy to handle and beautifully designed. I love its timeless wheels, with which it will go over any terrain. Baby looks gentle and stylish in it. I will not be changing the stroller. We are expecting our second baby and we didn't even think of looking for a stroller other than Emma. I recommend it.

  • Wheels
  • Suspensions
  • The wheels tend to blow out a bit, but otherwise all ok :)

A pram that is not only beautiful, but great for any terrain :).

I had a triple set. A spacious carrycot on sprung wheels was a dream. It's not foldable or light. That's a given. But if you live in a house or condo with a lift and don't plan on loading it 5 times a day into the car, it doesn't matter.

It can handle deep snow, bad surfaces - it won't shake the carrycot and the baby inside even on harsh terrain. We have used it many times as a travel cot. We enjoyed it while the little one was lying only. When he didn't want to be in the carrycot anymore, we switched to an urban, foldable and handy pushchair.

But for the first months it's a real experience to stroll with it. And everyone praised it. Strange people, just like that. At least one person a day always 😍 And it will last you even 5 kids, I would say. If not yours, you'll pass it on. It's a solid metal chassis, without any fancy systems. There's nothing to go wrong. I really loved it.

  • Suspension on the wheels
  • Spaciousness
  • Quality
  • Large wheels...
  • I found none

Excellent, spacious, comfortable ppram for any terrain 😊. What a beautiful design. I am keeping it for the second baby as I am so happy with it 😍

  • Large carrycot and chassis
  • Easy to push
  • Design
  • The seat is too low for my taste, we did not use it
  • Over the years the color has faded out :(

Excellent stroller with great handling. Praised by everyone who has pushed it for at least a while, and the surrounding people also praise it :-) Huge carrycot, spacious frame. I'm looking forward to taking it out for the second baby :-)

  • All-terrain use
  • Spacious
  • Carrycot with a backrest adjustment
  • Large underseat basket
  • Beautiful rocking
  • On the heavier side

I was delighted with it, and both of my babies were as well.

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