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catherina22 says:
"The material is amazing to maintain"
and gives the Roan Emma

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The material is amazing to maintain

  • The large wheels will ride on anything
  • A giant basket to put my groceries in - toilet paper, diapers
  • Huge cot with adjustable bottom for sitting
  • Easy manipulation when folding
  • The seat is amazing - it can be put fully flat and there are no holes to blow through
  • Material is perfect for maintenance

I can only recommend this stroller. I will start from the wheels. They are amazingly big. We've ridden them up and down hills and over rocks and roots on hiking trails. The shopping basket is the perfect size. I can stuff bags full of groceries in there, plus toilet paper and diapers, and everything in the basket. When we go to the mountains, we take a backpack, a blanket, a bag for the little one. And for beer drinkers, at my friend's place, the perfect find - it fits a bass of beer. :-D How many times do I carry groceries from a friend who puts a bag of groceries in the basket and carries the rest in her hands.

Folding the stroller is very easy. You take off the cot and then fold the bottom completely thanks to two simple levers. This is great - even if you're in a narrower lift, the levers can be used to fold the stroller half way. This makes it smaller and you can fit in. A safety catch prevents it from folding completely.

The cot is amazingly large. I carried my little one, even though she is bigger in stature (about 5cm longer than the other kids), in a thick footmuff when she was still a year old. The bottom of the cot (backrest) can be positioned that the child can sit. There are about 5 or 6 positions.

The material is amazing to maintain. I have an all white stroller and with a bit of water, or a wet wipe, washed everything. And we're always at barbecues over the summer and the stroller is like new.

After moving to a seat, I'm also happy. I love that you can either have the baby looking at me or away from me. It can be reclined to full recline and there is no hole anywhere that would allow the wind to blow on the baby. The hood can be positioned in multiple ways and can be completely opened up so that the baby is hidden. The apron is super big too. So we don't use a raincoat at all with the stroller anymore - I put the apron on, pull the canopy open, and the stroller is waterproof. For summer, the back of the canopy can be opened and there is a net - same with the carry cot. The inside of the cot and the stroller can be easily removed and put in the washing machine.

I am very satisfied with the stroller and recommend it to everyone.

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